Snakes alive! A 6.5 ft long python in difficulties, washed ashore, rescued by Drishti lifeguards at Majorda Beach

June 25, 2017

No one told this python that you must not go swimming in the Arabian Sea during the monsoons. Or maybe he did not listen. Or maybe he was drunk and swimming. But he must have gotten into major difficulties because he was washed up on shore.

The 6.5 ft long python was washed ashore and rescued by Drishti lifeguards at Majorda on the evening of June 22, 2017. The lifeguard team present captured the reptile and immediately alerted the Forest Department.

The press release from Drishthi says that due care was taken to ensure that no harm was caused to the reptile while capturing it. The rescued python has been safely handed over to the local Forest Guard. Previously in a similar incident in March 2017, a 6 ft long python was rescued at Arambol by Drishti lifeguards.

In the last five months there have been instances where injured turtles and dolphins that have been washed ashore along the coast were rescued by Drishti lifeguards and handed over to the concerned authorities.