Pratheek Rebello tops Maths, Physics and Chemistry in GCET but Directorate of Tech Education website crashes

May 16, 2017

AIRES RODRIGUES  |  Greetings to our Pratik Rebello on his outstanding marks at the GCET. He topped the exam in Physics, Chemistry and Maths, creating a record.

Pratik, all the very best wishes to you and your dear parents Dr Oscar and Dr Marissa not forgetting your dear twin sisters who will academically follow in your footsteps.

A proud moment for your entire family and to us all.

TARGET GOA adds: Pratheek D’Souza Rebello topped in Physics 70/75, Chemistry 72/75 and Mathematics 74/75 at the GCET 2017. Jairam Kishor Naik topped the exam in Biology with 74/75 marks.

Oh, and not so nice news: the Directorate of Technical Education website crashed so students could not access their results until the directorate uploaded the results on the official state government website.

pratik rebello