Comedienne Wendy Zuzarte debuts to a packed house and rocks the rafters

July 28, 2017

And just like that a comedienne was born today at Bay 15 at Dona Paula. Wendy Zuzarte launched her “Sogleachem Succorine Bai” stand up comedy show today. For a first show the girl’s a natural. From the time she sashays in, talking on her cellphone, takes the “Michael”, or mike to the final “Khushalponn rau means what?” and the audience chanting, “Staaaaaay Happy!”, she held not just the audience, but the staff of the venue in thrall.

She did not stand in one place, she strolled around in her thick cotton nightie and treggings, engaging the audience. She sang a bit, did some mimicry, did a stand up routine which had everyone in splits.

Her humour is everyday humour, some pj’s, a lot of original material, but her delivery is what makes it special. She uses what her few detractors refer to as “red English”.

The persona of Succorine is a loud, cheery, well-meaning simple young Goan village woman, “a simple person, a straight person” who has strong views on honesty, loyalty and doing the right thing. But the material she has keeps the audience laughing, especially the saga of a disloyal, unfaithful boyfriend Immit, who cannot make up his mind about who to marry and who gets the boot from the redoubtable Succorine. Her heart is broken and she has perfected the breathless, broken hearted, broken voice. Stops for a non-sequitur in a normal voice and keeps the audience laughing.

Even after she finished her show, the audience was not ready to get up and leave. They called for more, she gave them more, then practically begged them to go, or to go to the bar.

Wendy Zuzarte has something of value to offer, let’s hope she can keep up this tempo.

She has a few detractors in Goa who say they don’t find her funny and are convinced she is mocking the poor working Goan girl by over-exaggerating the “redd English”. Yet no one accuses Charlie Chaplin of mocking homeless tramps. Luckily her detractors don’t seem to bother Succorine Bai.  “To those people who hate me, I have two words for them,” she says with a militant look in her eye. “Don’t. Watch.” That too received resounding applause. She can turn anything into comedy material.

Succorine mimicked singer Chrystal Farrel too. The duo are close friends.

 Audience members and fans lined up to take photographs with the new star