You can always depend on the women of Goa

February 8, 2017

Feeling so very proud of being Goan. This young girl was found wandering around at Bambolim. She was wearing “Western Dress” and was disoriented. Barefooted too. She could not remember who she was, but what warms me and brings a sting of unaccustomed tears to the eyes, is the fact that these women have formed a protective cordon around her. Look at the men standing around. Bambolim is full of migrants coming to the hospital for free treatment. They have that blank voyeur look you see on the faces of crowds around accident victims all over the country. That standard expression of someone who can but will not help. Here the cellphone was used for good. Some kind soul took the pictures put them up on WhatsApp and circulated them to Goa groups. The young girl was soon identified and restored to her family. But just look at those women, protecting her. I am so touched and proud of them. Viva Goa.