‘Punish the owner of the website peddling call girls and escort services in Goa’

September 29, 2017

INEZ COTTA CARVALHO,SWAP (Service With A Purpose) | In the recent days, the Print Media in Goa has not only been giving wide coverage to the rampant drug abuse in Goa but has gone a step further to condemn the same in no uncertain terms. It is commendable that the government and the Goa police have through appearance at least, come done heavily on this frightening menace of drug trafficking.

As horrendous as it may be, and connected to the sale of Goa as a sex tourism destination, is the Escort Services provided for by a much publicised website that is now out in the open and accessible to all.

This website claims that our Goan girls from colleges & the Goa University, from the vicinity of the Basilica of Bom Jesus and even housewives have enlisted themselves as Escort & Call girls.

The Goa Women’s Forum has held demonstrations in Panjim and Margao, sent reports to the press, written to the Goa University, the Dept. of Higher Education, Rector of Basilica of Bom Jesus and even given memorandums to the District Collectors and the District SPs of Goa Police.

Could we know what follow up action has been taken by the Government authorities, the Tourism Department and the Goa Police with the respect to this brazen sale of the daughters of our State?  Nothing short of severe punitive action on the owner of the website is the least that the people of our state expect.

We on our part are doing all that we possibly can to warn our people about the consequences of this alarming situation.