If CIPLA doesn’t get Goan youth why are they expanding in Goa?

September 29, 2017

MANOJ PARAB |  RevolutionaryGoans would like to ask CM few questions which he should make public
1. As you said Cipla doesnt get Goan youth even after being in goa for more then a decade then why did they expand their units?
2. How many companies contact EMPLOYMENT EXHANGE of goa govt in which hundreds of youth register daily?
3.How many trainings, types of trainings given by Cipla and other companies in last 5 yrs to goans??
4.How many goans left the job after taking training??
5. How many goans are there in CIPLA and other companies on top positions??
6. What is the salary and work timing for private company employees???
6.Being CM how many times did u visit CIPLA and other private companies to know how goans are treated in the companies and how many goans actually working there???
We Goans are taken for ride by almost everybody everyday and we are quite like fools…