How Vijai Sardesai’s world view changed radically after the BJP wooed and won him over

May 1, 2017

DIANA PINTO, Facebook  |   Once upon a time, Vijai Sardesai captured the votes of Goans by standing tall in the Assembly and spouting stiff sermons to the then BJP government on the detrimental effects of using our riverine waterways to transport coal. He also warned that the coal hub would only benefit Adani and Jindal, whilst once again leaving Goans without any benefits whatsoever. But that of course, was in the dark days when the BJP could do no right in Sardesai’s eyes, a view that his voters obviously endorsed. Subsequently however, after Vijai was passionately wooed and won over by the BJP, his world vision changed radically and inexplicably.

All over the world today, coal, is considered to be one of the most pernicious pollutants whose hazardous effects on human health cannot be underestimated. That is why it is being actively phased out in other countries. Yet today, the GFP is urging the people of Goa to move backwards in time by supporting the coal hub and trusting MPT to ensure safe handling of virtually three time the amount of coal presently handled, when it has failed miserably to protect the people of Vasco by properly handling much smaller quantities at present. It is now clear, that Vijai considers his bond with Gadkari to be worth much more than the lives and health of the people of Goa.

Again, VIjai Sardesai seems to be satisfied with Gadkari’s assurance that no harm would be done to the habitat of fishermen and that they would still be allowed to catch fish in their traditional manner. Neither Gadkari or Vijai and his GFP seem to be aware that the adverse effects of river dredging on the aquatic ecosytem will probably ensure that there will be no fish left to catch.

Is Gadkari’s the last word for Vijai and his GFP or do they plan to do some research and studies before misleading the people on such serious matters? We understand that just recently Vijai and his GFP have changed their colour and become staunch pracharaks of the NDA cadre. This however, does not give them the right to treat their constituents lives, health and livelihood so lightly by depending solely on Gadkari’s opinion, without doing their own research and gaining an understanding of the very serious and irreversible implications of this project and the dredging activity on Goem, Goemkar and Goemkarponn.