Fr Bismarque’s copper statue will be cast on first weekend of April – you are invited!

March 30, 2017


The image of Father Bismarque is now almost ready to be cast in pure copper, thanks to the artist Sachin Madage.

Initially, the image was created by hands using clay as base material and dried. Later, a mould was prepared over it using Plaster of Paris. Using this mould, a wax prototype was created which was given finishing touches. Again, a final mould was created using this wax image. It was heated so that all the wax melted out in a mud kiln, and a hollow cavity was left behind. This is called lost wax technique of casting.

Now, copper bricks will be melt in furnace and this hollow cavity will be filled with molten copper and cooled to get an exact image of the initially created sculpture.

Casting of statue will be taking place on first weekend and Sunday of April. Those art enthusiasts who are interested to join me in the process of watching and photographing the process of casting are welcome to come along with me and Sachin to Mumbai. Everybody is welcome.

frbismarquestatue3 frbismarquestatue2 frbismarquestatue1