Transfer of Development Rights will turn entire Goa into an urban nightmare

August 1, 2017

What is TDR? It is the transformation of small land-locked plots of land into viable areas for construction. The Maharashtra government has borrowed this idea from the city of New York. Acquisition pushes up the land prices. So, instead, the government will develop the area, acquire land for putting in infrastructure like roads, draining, water, power, hospital, school, market, etc so that land locked pieces of rural can be identified and pooled for construction.

And here is the crux of the thing. The owners will not be compensated in cash. They will be given Transferable Development Rights (TDR) which allows the land owner to go for extra floor area ratio (FAR) which will be fixed by the government. FAR is the total floor area of a building in ratio to the size of the land it occupies. Scope for scams and bribery there. TDR gives the developer extra FAR to build additional floors in a building.

TDR is flexible – it can be used by the landowner on the remaining portion of land, or it can be utilized on any other property owned by the landowner. And the final kicker. It can be traded to other developers for an agreed sum of money.

TDR is used for urban areas. Clearly Vijai and his new best friends are planning to turn all of Goa state into Goa city. There are various types of TDR including slum TDR, heritage TDR, low cost housing TDR, amenities TDR. No prizes for guessing which ones will have Vijai and his 39 Assembly friends salivating.

The government need not spend anything for this development, they can just hand over Development Rights Certificates (DRCs) to builders and developers.

Be prepared for unrestricted and illegal constructions under the DRCs especially where unaware Goans have not got their land certification up-to-date. Woe betide those Goans who upped and went out of Goa for a better life and left their ancestors and ancestral lands behind. At least the courts will be busy.

Their final dream. The destruction of Goa.
Their final dream. The destruction of Goa.

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