Target Goa is doing a rethink over shutting down thanks to the killing of Gauri Lankesh

September 7, 2017

Most of you know that TARGET GOA is a one-woman army, bringing up issues and pointing out weakness in our body politic. Maybe Bevinda Collaco is living in a time warp of a “Bhangarachem Goem” and it is time to let change do its worst for modern Gova. Off-record the worthy people of Goa, from poor to wealthy to super wealthy, from the man on the street, to those in the Legislative Assembly, talk about wanting Bhangarachem Goem.

They speak sneeringly of those in power – all of them of how greedy they are, how amoral they are, how immoral they are, how they are destroying Goa. How they have sold out to the various mafias running policy for the state – construction, mining, casinos and the tourism underworld of booze, narcotics and prostitution. To a man, they all complain about these issues, blame the media for not highlighting the same.

So it is not as if the people of Goa are unaware of what is happening. They are aware. They are aware of the donation of our beautiful rivers to the Centre. They are aware. Yet this time round, they have voted for a party that represents those very destructive forces in this fragile State of Goa.

I thought I would wait to see which way the voters of Panjim decided to go. The Bhangarachem way or the Deolopmen way. They chose Deolopmen. So bowing to the wisdom of the electorate, I decided it was time to wind up TARGET GOA. Fighting the system is one thing, but if the people want the system, what is the point really.

And then Gauri Lankesh who has been a strident critic of the establishment, of extremist forces, was gunned down right outside her house by three men on motorcycles, who sprayed bullets into her tiny body and sped off. She was 55 years old and 5 feet and half an inch tall. According to her ex-husband, she was very proud of that half-inch. And I think, what a betrayal of all that Gauri Lankesh stood for, would it be for me to wind up TARGET GOA.

Truly I am torn. Should I? Shouldn’t I? It would be safe to say, judging from the election results of March and September 2017 that about 50% of Goan adults want the quality of life that was unique to Goa. Clean air, clean water, clean living, clean thinking. The question is this: Is this 50 percent the older generation that remembers the golden age of Goa? Are we shortchanging our youth that want casinos, mining, more and more construction and are looking at the financial benefits of giving up our rivers and their river banks to the Centre to do what it will with them? Is it time we shut up and let the next generation work unhampered? Even if it means the complete destruction of all Goa stands for?

I’m torn.

Gauri Lankesh killed and a voice stilled
Gauri Lankesh killed and a voice stilled

2 comments on “Target Goa is doing a rethink over shutting down thanks to the killing of Gauri Lankesh”

  • Clarie Alvares says:

    Madam your writing is of a Niz Goenkar who is longing to get the golden Goa of our past.there are many Goan brethren who have this dream but they are outnumbered by the non Goans voters who vote for our Goan politians who are expert tail wagers of the central govt. Panjim election outcome was more decided by those people have no love for Goa and it’s nature but more for self development. Your quiting this noble profession due to this is like being able wasted . The murder of the prominent journalist is condemnable.however they try they won’t succeed in replacing the pen with the bullet “pen will always be mightier ” keep up the good work going please.

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