Ponjekars have a big job ahead – the future of Goa lies on their election fingers

August 10, 2017

Manohar Parrikar is a lovely fellow, but he just doesn’t know when to quit. This is the same gentleman who came out with the national headline making Rancid Pickle analogy for ageing L K Advani. TARGET GOA was so convinced with the brilliant work Parrikar did in his first stint as Chief Minister that we were cheering him on to CM Goa one more time, in 2012. His performance as Leader of the Opposition was spectacular too. He was fearless in exposing the corrupt Congress. In 2012, thanks to the Congress mega scams, averaging sometimes two a week, Parrikar rode to a spectacular victory. Then the horrors of his broken promises and the nerve he showed in breaking them, left us shaken and stirred. And cheated. So knowing all this, if the Ponjekar still feels there is no alternative to Manohar Parrikar, here is why you should vote for him.

If we want more casino junks floating on our beloved River Mandovi, we must vote for Manohar Parrikar. Not only does he facilitate their stay in one of the most beautiful rivers of the country, but the Goa Polllution Control Board and scientists from the NIO, can never make up their minds about whether the boats are polluting the water, or whether they are safely disposing of their sewage and waste. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they are not.

If you want garish neon advertising boards cropping up along the road, vote for Parrikar. You enter Goa by air and the first thing you see in the airport, no less, are massive advertisments inside the airport inviting you to gamble on these casinos boats. When canvassing in 2012 Parrikar said the revenue from the casinos would not be used by the administration. It will be set aside for old-age homes etc. Now he proudly announces how much revenue the state is earning from the casinos.

If we want redeveloped government and quasi-government buildings painted a virulent orange, or a retina tearing yellow that verges on orange, vote for Manohar Parrikar, because he gives contracts to his friends, who like him, are worthy greedy people, but have no aesthetic taste and have no idea of the aesthetics of Panjim. The city is no longer Panjim. It is now Punnji. Just as Bombay the beautiful became Mumbai the monstrous, so too Panjim the perfect has become Panaji the painful.

If you want more empty promises more unecessary bridges, more traffic chaos, broken roads like the brand new one from Miramar to Donapaula, vote for Parrikar.

But most of all, remember, why the Panjim bye election is so important. Parrikar will continue as the Chief Minister of this State. The new Regional Plan they are putting together is slated to turn villages urban by using the currency of Transfer of Develpment Rights. Pay close attention to that.

If you want illegal mining to continue with lease owners subletting their leases to carpetbaggers, who dig, destroy and ruin our hinterland, then please cast your vote for Parrikar.

If you want illegal constructions to ruin the landscape of Goa, filling fields, khazan lands, and cutting hills, yes, you know who to vote for.

If you want the famed comunidade lands to be given over to “public purpose projects” and housing for every landless labourer that strolls into Goa hoping for a daily job, then of course, vote for Parrikar.

To be fair, Parrikar has done some good during his second and now third stint as CM. He completed the Patto Plaza, (second stint) made it the thing of beauty, it was supposed to be. His friends put up buildings and he obliged them by renting premises for various government departments at high rentals.

He has given jobs to his jobless friends, even taking them with him to Delhi as his staff in his Defense office.

He has built bridges and the Panjim jetty. He has streamlined the revellers heading to and from the boat cruises by building an underpass for them to use.

After TARGET GOA‘s rage from betrayal turned to resignation, we wondered what happened to that perfect Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who made Goa and Panjim shine from 2002 to 2005. Finally we figured it out, when it was staring us in the face all along. During his first stint as Chief Minister, Parrikar was taking orders from Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, a statesman of calibre. Now. Well now, he is taking orders from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his sidekick Amit Shah. These are not statesmen and they never will be.

What about his successor? The other 39 real estate brokers are still sitting in the Assembly. Well, then, it’s time they learned the wrath of the people. Democracy does not end with handing over the keys of your safe to your servants. We the people have to see that they work and don’t rob us. And for that we have to clean up our personal acts too. We elect our representatives. If our representatives are lazy, greedy, dishonest, commission agents, then what does that make us?

The voter's job ends here?
The voter’s job ends here?

5 comments on “Ponjekars have a big job ahead – the future of Goa lies on their election fingers”

  • Rajesh D'Mello says:

    The ruling party has succeeded in deceiving the people of this state and country that their agenda is to restore Hindu Pride. The people little know that its only a matter of time when this deceiving lot takes away all of their freedom and with that everything else.

  • Ticlo Wilbur says:

    As for me, my n your ancestors glorious Goa,is not what it had in store as d Gaukariponn of our past before d Portuguese invasion was such an awesome n Honest way of Administration, keeping in mind d sharing of its lands by leasing Renewing for Agricultural n Institutional Use,whereby its /fruits/Yields/income n profit was well balanced for every Goan family in their respective Areas for generations to inherit n for a clean Environment n Honesty in Governance. NOT, WHAT WE SEE IN TODAY’S PLANNING, POLICY, ECONOMICS N BLATANT DESTRUCTION OF OUR ENVIRONMENT N THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN’S AT STAKE DUE TO D GREED OF D PRESENT DAY HAPHAZARD DEVELOPMENT N FALSE PROMISES N BREAKING OF EVERY RULE N REGULATIONS IN CONNIVANCE WITH D POLITICOS FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS AND THEIR CRONIES,RIGHT FROM D LOWEST PANCHAYAT BODY TO D HIGHEST POSITION OF POWER BY CONNIVING WITH D ALLEGED CORRUPT CONSPIRATORS, BY OUR GREEDY, INHUMANE,PRESENT DAY POLITICOS. Hope people’s power in a Democracy has d right choice of its childs future in selecting theater deserving n Honest person as their Representative for Honesty as top Priority n POSTERITY.

  • Albert Colaco says:

    Parrikar must be sent home packing! He made U-turns on all major issues including mega mining scam.casinos. St.Inez stinking creek etc. He is a consummate liar.

  • Maxwell Coutinho says:

    nothing personal. panaji deserves a new and honest Candidate. The Rancid joke should now be mon the one who said it then!

  • U TURN CM should be knock out. Panjim need a new face to really be a smart city where present CM could do for last 22 years.

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