Parrikar’s ‘Action Plan’ manifesto for 2017 underlines the inaction of his previous action plans

August 17, 2017

Manohar Parrikar’s  manifesto looks like it has been cobbled together from a random stroll through Panjim city. He knows he has crossed the line with the people of Panjim and the people of Goa with his lies. He has given the U-turn shape and identity. You think “U-turn” and Manohar Parrikar floats into your consciousness.

Despite the U-turns, the people of Goa are not going to forgive him easily for giving away SIX of our rivers and their river banks to the Centre.

This manifesto of his looks like Parrikar is just going through the motions. He is very aware that he may lose this election. The probability is high. If he loses and Girish Chodankar wins, his buddies Messrs Vijay  & Company will slither to the Congress and demand that they keep their portfolios. If Parrikar loses, BJP will fall and though Goa is still in trouble with the rest of the carpetbaggers still in place, hopefully the New Delhi invasion will slow down to a trickle.

Some say Parrikar is ready with his exit plan. According to a section of the media, he says he can always be Defense Minister of the country again. The jury is still out on that one. Amit Shah may be the new Defence Minister of India. And anyway Parrikar’s supporters insist that is fake news. But whether Parrikar wants to be Defense Minister or a dairy farmer if he loses the bye-election is of no importance to Goa. What he will do, or not do, if he wins is the worrying factor.

Have a look at his manifesto. Here is what was wrong with it in February 2017 and remains wrong in August 2017:

  • Waste management plant at Baingunim has been trotted out for the last 15 years.
  • Smart City project is five years old. BJP just changed it from Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal to AMRUT.
  • Underground cabling began during the fag end of Congress rule in Goa. Fontainhas and other areas already have underground cabling.
  • He has been talking about relocating govt offices when he was Leader of Opp.
    Public transport system with new link roads is in the smart city plan already.
  • Covering the city with CCTV is new. But it has been discussed when there were cluster burglaries during his previous pre-RM term.
  • Augmented water supply and new pipes was broached by Sudin Dhavlikar in the last BJP run administration.
  • Recreational and open spaces are more than enough in Panjim. Why waste more funds on more “world-class” stadiums. There are two that are rotting in Bambolim.
  • Developing St Inez creek is a huge joke for every Panjim candidate. It was also included in the master plan, but found no place in the Smart City Proposal. Kunkolienkar who was taking orders from Parrikar, preferred to include Mala instead of the creek in the Smart City proposal.


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  • Rajesh D'Mello says:

    I firmly believe that we get the government we deserve. Whist we are blowing hot over the current Government’s ( non ) deliverables, the truth remains that of the 40 that have been voted to power, majority of them are the old thugs who in my opinion belong to no party what so ever. There is only one party that they all belong to – and that is of the Devil or Narkasur. With all that is happening on the national stage , with the government trying its very best to ‘rob’ us of all our earnings legitimately through tax, the distinct polarization of the Indian society on religious lines with complete disregard for the secular fabric and ethos on which our country is founded, distinct perusal of policies that will restrict our rights and freedom – I fail to understand as to why the voter considers the old ‘ criminal’ or ‘Deceiving’ face a hope for their problems. Is it the popular ‘ Goan Crab story ‘ mentality playing out or are we just too concerned about our own little village / vaddo or are we the type who would not mind selling our souls for a few rupees or are we just oblivious and unconcerned? The answer is blowing in the wind if we take the time to introspect. What is sure though, is that we are destroying the land & culture that our forefathers preciously maintained for our generations to come !!! A choice has to be made NOW !!!

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