NGT wants state to produce action plan for opening sluice gates at Quelossim Mini India Project site

August 26, 2017

PRESS RELEASE  | The NGT on 9th August passed a two page order relating to remedial measures sought by three villagers (Lopinho Xavier, Sebastiao Serrao, Caitan Da Silva) of Quelossim in their petition connected with the Mini India project.

Earlier, the NGT had admitted the petition which seeks to get the private
respondent (Movaj Enterprises Pvt Ltd, owner of the Mini India project) to undo the damage done to the khazan on Sy. No. 170/0 and 171/0 of Quelossim village, rehabilitate the khazan and bring it to its original status under the supervision of the Goa State Biodiversity Board. The petition also asks for rehabilitation of mangroves on the plot destroyed by the agency and for orders imposing severe pecuniary sanction / damages for carrying out development in violation of laws and orders of the relevant authorities.

Pursuant to the complaint filed by the villagers, the GCZMA carried out two site inspections and has come to the conclusion that Sy. Nos. 170/0 and 171/0 fall in CRZ I area and are therefore no development zones.

Based on the site inspection report of the GCZMA, the NGT also highlighted illegal dumping of mud in Sy. Nos. 181 and 182 in the NDZ area. However, Resp. No. 5 claims the work was done by someone else.

As the GCZMA report had indicated that circulation of tidal water had ceased in Sy. Nos. 170 and 171 due to blocking of sluice gate by illegal dumping of mud, the NGT has directed the GCZMA to produce before 18th September an action for reopening the sluice gates.

The counsel for the GCZMA informed the NGT that the matter is under inquiry with the GCZMA and is posted for final hearing on 22nd August 2017.

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