New desecrations, grounded casino and a flitting Babush – three headaches for Parrikar

July 27, 2017

The impossible has happened. People are now chuckling over the desecration of 12 more crosses in the cemetery of Fatima Chapel at Karanzal, Madkai in Ponda. No one believed that rickety old 50-year-old Francis Pereira, could have broken more than 20 tombstones and crosses made of granite and marble in the Curchorem graveyard.

That he was caught and happily confessed flanked by highly amused policemen, to desecrating more than a hundred crosses and gravestones over the last 14 years to release trapped souls, says a lot about the Parrikar government. They wanted to stop the crisis from reaching flashpoint. And also embarrass the Christian community. But that harebrained idea, noble as it was, was still harebrained. Even if Francis Pereira was the guilty party, it would not be long before enemies of the State would unleash some more desecrations. This has had the unexpected result of Christians laughing at the cops and the Chief Minister. The stool pigeon was caged, but the crazies were still out trying to foment trouble. And Goa is laughing at Manohar Parrikar and his cops.

People are more incensed over the Parrikar government trying to silence the voices of protest against the unlucky Lucky 7, the sixth casino that took Parrikar’s promise of moving all casinos to land, literally. The floating junk MV Lucky 7 could not even manoeuver into the River Mandovi, that is how unseaworthy it was. That’s how untrained its crew were. It has run aground close to Miramar beach which will soon begin showing signs of distress. They are trying to dig channels around the boat to float it out, but the boat is actually going deeper into the sand bar.

Lucky 7 might prove to be unlucky for Manohar Parrikar in the bye-elections of mid-August. Residents of Panjim watch with dull anger as the BJP-MGP-GFP-independents combine works hard to turn this beautiful city into an ugly dump.

Fr Bismarque’s “Musical Warriors” led by Sudeep Dalvi and Kennedy Afonso and  Benjamine Benny Pinto, decided to set up a musical protest with a medium volume speaker system out on the sand bar near the grounded Lucky 7. Parrikar’s chronic amnesia hit him hard once again when he completely forgot his illegal loudspeakers and song and dance routine to welcome Amit Shah in the high security zone of Dabolim airport. He sent the magistrate to shut down the protest for not taking permission for using a loud speaker.

One wonders if the people of Panaji are paying attention to this trampling on the freedom of the citizen. This is the thin edge of the wedge. Their votes will seal the deal for the BJP and in all probability seal the doom of Goa.

Meanwhile Babush Monserrate joins the Goa Forward Party. If he gets his wife to resign, the Congress number goes down to 15. If Monserrate wins in Taleigaon – his wife’s constituency, Goa Forward’s number goes up to 4. If they pull out from the BJP-MGP, then all they need are just two independents to topple the BJP regardless of whether Parrikar wins or not. Our issues are still not solved. They will never be solved by this lot of career politicians. But the theatrics will be interesting to many.

Sudeep Dalvi and others asking the magistrate uncomfortable questions Pic: Alex Fernandes
Sudeep Dalvi and Fr Bismarque’s “Musical Warriors”  asking the magistrate uncomfortable questions Pic: Alex Fernandes

5 comments on “New desecrations, grounded casino and a flitting Babush – three headaches for Parrikar”

  • Elzear Moniz says:

    Reminds me of Don Macleans American Pie The day the music died. The charm the fun & goodness of Goa is at a low ebb.

  • Lianne Rodricks says:

    My description of Goa’s politics is “A game of thrones by the throwers of stones!”
    Please don’t give them ideas by using the term “Sand-Bar”…..or the Tourists will all gambol over to the latest defacto “off-shore” watering hole for a gamble without any grumble. This will conveniently be 501 metres from any highway when the Government uses their corrupt yardstick!
    Lets roll the dice on the fate of the Lucky 7 and join the Goa Forward Party as we start a CON-ga line. One step forward two steps back.

  • An eye opener. Does raise the possibility there is a hidden culprit who deliberately wants the scandal of descrations to continue. Well written and informative, especially the finely balanced game of Jenga that has now become Goan local politics.

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