Goans a minority in Goa, Dhavlikar says we must think of ourselves as Indians first then Goans

August 20, 2017

Sudin Dhavlikar says the MOI issue has become irrelevant. Why? Because thanks to migration of locals and negative birth rate, the number of locals has remained at 6.50 lakh. So locals make up less than 50 percent of the population of 15 lakh. You cannot force non-Goans to learn Konkani and Marathi, he says, so now after all the drama of MOI, he is demanding grants for all English medium primary schools, not just Church-run Diocesan schools. BBSM are frothing at the mouth. As is the Goa Suraksha Manch. Et tu Sudin, they are saying, but don’t laugh too much, Sudin has been nationalised like our rivers.

He says that now Goans have to think in terms of being Indian and not Goan. Why, he does not specify. But TARGET GOA can tell you this. Ever since Sudin Dhavlikar got the PWD portfolio many moons ago, he has been very nationalist minded. His roads are full of potholes, come the first few showers of Goa’s mighty monsoons. If that is not India, we don’t know what is. The contracts that get the Goa PWD tenders, like the contractors that get the national tenders and tenders in most other states of India, grow fat and healthy, while our roads are built thin and weak. They live. We die. That’s very Indian. No one cares. No one fights it.

He is closely connected with a radical Hindu group – the Sanatan Saunstha in Ponda and lo and behold desecration of religious monuments just happens in Goa. Just like that. After Sadhavi Saraswati made some stirring statements including hanging beef-eaters and turning India into a Hindu nation called Hindustan.

Sudin Dhavalikar Goa PWD Minister
Sudin Dhavalikar Goa PWD Minister (Pic courtesy Daily Mail)

4 comments on “Goans a minority in Goa, Dhavlikar says we must think of ourselves as Indians first then Goans”

  • Adrian Anthony says:

    To the corrupt ministers in Goa ,why do people from Gujrat call themselves Gujratis why do people from Kerela call themselves Keralites and Biharis hail from Bihar so why the f**k would you tell Goans that they are Indians first.Get the hell out of Goa if you do not call yourself a GOAN.

  • This man is not diplomatic at all and for all that hopefully all Goans wake up from their afternoon sleep. This was a Portuguese culture, how come those who show hatred towards Portuguese and their Portuguese language continue with Portuguese afternoon nap and close shops for 2 hours in the afternoon? ET th Brutas?

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