Goa has been cursed with career politicians instead of statesmen right from Liberation

August 1, 2017

The other day Manohar Parrikar CM of Goa spoke of how the media credibility has slipped to 50-55%. That’s terrible indeed for the media. Maybe it should work as a warning to political parties not to make their corporate bosses buy those media houses. But what about Parrikar’s credibility and indeed the credibility of not just his Dirty Dozen, but the Congress, Goa Forward, MGP, Churchill and independents. Once Parrikar is elected, and it looks like he is going to be elected, the Goa BJP will qualify as a baker’s dozen. But let us educate Parrikar on what makes a good government.

A good government works with a will to strengthening the State and its citizens. It would work on what is already in place, with whatever it has in hand. It would introduce state-of-the-art education in the pure sciences and the arts, and set up proper skill enhancement centres to make our graduates and undergraduates part of a skilled workforce in both manufacturing and service sectors. It would encourage the pursuit of knowledge in its citizens.

A focused, pragmatic government would set systems in place to make certain every available industrial unit in Goa is used to its optimum capacity. It would  make certain every square metre of fallow agricultural land is used for growing crops, vegetable and fruit.

A good government will see that pisiculture is actively hand-held and our beach belts kept clean and healthy. Our hinterland given to sustainable mining and strictly controlled eco-tourism with local residents running the enterprises.

Strict but fair law enforcement would come as naturally as breathing to a good government.

There is so much that a good government can do for Goa and for Goans. Unfortunately, since Liberation, we have been cursed with career politicians and not far-sighted pragmatic statesmen and women. So many of them have turned it into a family enterprise.

The wonder of it all is that the citizens firmly align themselves along the side of the party in power or in the opposition. They don’t know, or they don’t care, that a politician, no matter who he or she is, is in politics to make money. Not just a little money. No. Large fortunes are built and greed makes them want to see how much they can get away with. Then their children step in and continue the bad work of stealing from the public exchequer to build up their own. And still, you will see citizens at each others’ throats, ready to abuse and even kill for a politician or a political party that just doesn’t give a damn about them, individually, or collectively.

Image courtesy: The New School of Northern Virginia blog
Image courtesy: The New School of Northern Virginia blog

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