Deja vu as Parrikar says all the right things in Assembly, his only chance for bye-election mass canvassing

July 27, 2017

He micromanages and he calls the shots in everything that goes on in this state so it is not at all convincing when Manohar Parrikar does his ecologically responsible act in the Assembly. One hopes the citizens of Goa know that politicially correct speeches in the Assembly session is his best bet to canvas for the bye-elections. The bye-elections when the people of Panaji constituency will decide whether Parrikar should continue doing the work of his masters in Delhi. Panaji may be kind to him and allow him to retire to the large tract of land in Neturlim village that was mutated in one day for his son, to raise cows, as he had claimed to wish to do after winning Goa in 2012.

It’s embarrassing to hear him in the Assembly.

Lucky 7? No! It did not have any clearances from the Captain of Ports. Then he should sack the Captain of Ports for allowing the unseaworthy junk of an MV Lucky 7 to enter. MPT coal pollluting our precious Goa? He is constantly monitoring the coal scenario in Vasco.

He will not allow coal pollution in Vasco. He will “soon” write a letter to the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, to tell it that coal activities are polluting Vasco and MPT should not be allowed to expand for coal.

He is going to reduce the coal import capacity of MPT by 25%. If there is pollution even after the reduction, he will further reduce it by 50%. He says, it will be taken up after the monsoon from October to December. Remember, his bye-election is scheduled for mid-August. If the pollution is still happening, he will close down the coal operations at MPT.

Yeah, right. Manohar Parrikar is going to pull the carpet out from under Narendra Modi’s close friend coal king Adani.

And just so that Adani did not get upset, Parrikar added that M/s Adani Mormugao Port Terminal Pvt Ltd located at berth number 7, at the MPT has valid consent to operate up to January 31, 2018.

M/s Adani Mormugao Port Terminal Pvt Ltd. Isn’t MPT a public sector undertaking? How and when did it marry Adani?

We wait with bated breath for Parrikar to write his letter “soon”. He is going to also attach the GSPCB’s report to that letter. Then one presumes, he will put it in an envelope, lick it, seal it, fix a stamp and send it by post to Delhi, addressed to the MoEF&CC. So that’s not going to happen any time “soon”.

He stoutly claimed that the interest of the state is top priority of his government. Yes, all those casino junks in the mouth of the River Mandovi; the dead Regional Plan; the uncontrolled construction; the mining that will continue with redoubled vigour as soon as the monsoons end because China is paying top dollar for iron ore once again; the crazy changing of zoning laws; the crazy widening of the highways of Goa, eating into the fields and livelihood of small farmers. Sweeping powers to the Investment Promotion Board. All that is in the interest of the State.

Yeah. Right.


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