Bravo ‘deolopmen’! GSPCB says it will not interfere if IPB gives projects the green signal anywhere in Goa

September 29, 2017

What do you do when the fence itself starts eating the crops, was something famously asked by Rajiv Gandhi in an attempt to address the corruption in administration. In Goa, the caretaker himself is helping burn the field so others can use the burned field and destroy it some more.

On September 4, the  Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) decided that it will no longer be asking businessmen for NOCs from local bodies, if they have received consent and ‘in-principle’ approval from the Investment Protection Board (IPB).

In the past those pesky locals and gramsabhas would put pressure on the panchayats to prevent business proponents from setting up in their villages. Now the GPSCB and the IPB will decide for themselves whether the project is technically and scientifically sound in terms of the Air and Water Act. Locals, panchayats, municipalities and the CCP can go suck an egg if they object.

Why do you think a government of the people, for the people and by the people would allow an obscenity like the IPB to exist in this State? Even the GSPCB has shown its eagerness to be muzzled. So let’s see the reality. This is deolopmen’ in its present form.

An Agarwal, or an Adani, or an Ambani, or a Shukla, can come to Goaahh on holiday. He sees a business opportunity. He networks. Meets a couple of members of the IPB who are very accessible. He says he would like to buy up a certain beach area, or a hill, or coconut grove, to set up a project. He assures a lot of grease comes with him. IPB gives him in-principle permission to set up his project. He grabs the land for a song. Chops trees, fills low lying areas, cuts into hills and does nothing about waste management or effluents. Meanwhile his grease has oiled whatever it can. He pays the IPB five times the actual fee for the consent. Locals realise something is wrong when it is too late. Their government has already destroyed their village.

Now do you still wonder why the Government of Goa was so eager to get the Goa cases in the National Green Tribunal Pune shifted to the New Delhi NGT court?

This is in order to promote Ease of Doing Business in Goa. Not to be confused with Ease of Doing Destruction to Goa.

Don’t complain. This is ‘deolopmen’ that our young Goans want. They are not anti-nationals. They want projects which will give jobs to all the migrants coming in to Goa. While IPB members go on foreign vacations to get away from the dirt and garbage of Goa.

Pic courtesy Catch News
Pic courtesy Catch News

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  • Prasad Kailaje says:

    Just like an explosion causes shockwaves & damages, development too causes damages. Development and Environment protection are mutually exclusive.

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