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SOUZA LOBO, Calangute

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SOUZA LOBO, Calangute

Traditional cuisine or modern, Goan or Continental – Souza Lobo rules! A delicious meal … the sound of the waves … and the song of the wind …

If you want a great meal in a great restaurant, with great ambience, in a great setting -- like only the most famous beach in the country! Don’t even stop to think. Just come here. To Souza Lobo, Calangute Beach.
Many will tell you that Souza Lobo is not a restaurant or a shack – it is a state of mind. It is a place that has ruled Calangute Beach for the last 78 years, which is why you have generations of guests coming in weekend after weekend, year after year. Yes, even decade after decade… Some guests have been coming to Souza Lobo even before the present owner Jude Lobo, was born.

If Calangute Beach is the best known feature of Calangute. Souza Lobo is the best known feature of Calangute Beach. That says a lot about us.

Come. Anytime. We’re open ALL YEAR ROUND. From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

We don't compromise on variety or taste, and we don't compromise on the authentic traditional Goan food that we serve. We give the same loving attention to our Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine. Our core offering is Goan, meats and seafood, delicious desserts too.

Local Goans are our best advertisement. They flock here especially on weekends and wait patiently in the waiting area for tables to get free.
The queues for tables strangely enough don’t annoy our hungry guests; the wait only whets their appetite they say. Also our service is quick and our capacity large. We can seat 300 guests in the restaurant and on the beach.

We don’t take our popularity for granted, we work at improving our meals and service every day, jealously guarding the Souza Lobo recipes that have come down through the generations.

Neither do we take praise for granted; but we are only human and it gives us a warm glow when our foreign guests sigh and say, “Best meal ever!”; when our Indian guests from elsewhere in the country urge us to open Souza Lobo restaurants in their states. And we love it best of all when our own Goan guests say, “Tujem jevonn sarkem ghorant randlea bhaxen.” It means your food is exactly like home cooking. This is no mean compliment because in the Goan ethos, cooking is akin to religion – we take our food very, very seriously.

Souza Lobo is a large, airy, well laid out restaurant, with an un-fussy rustic charm.  It has to be un-fussy because the beach around us provides unbeatable décor. And Calangute whether wild and beautiful, or serene and smiling is the best view anyone can hope for.

Add to that a delicious meal, attentive bearers, the sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the song of the wind. What you have is simply bliss. How can we not expect to see you again and again? We know what brings you here. This is what powers us on. Decade after decade. Serving you the freshest, most delicious fare this side of Paradise.

It’s beautiful in the day time with the sunshine and the sand and the blue, blue sea. But at night when we put tables out on the beach under the star-spangled sky, it’s a whole new experience. Add to the beauty of the night, live music so infectious that our guests dance the night away before and after their meal. Some dance to remember the good times, some dance to forget the present with all its worry and tension.

Our food

We specialize in sea food and traditionally prepared Goan cuisine. Our Prawn Curry Rice is in great demand along with our Masala Fried Fish and Crab Xacuti (no need to sprain your tongue, it’s pronounced ‘shakuti’). Our recipes have come down through generations of Souza Lobos.
Both foreign guests and locals love our Beef Steaks, while Souza Lobo Lobster Thermidor is a hot-selling item which we can say with confidence, you will get nowhere else in the world. The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret. It has to be made with the right amount of spices, butter, flavour, herbs and then there’s love that goes in to the making of this dish. Many of our guests order extra, parcel it and take it away with them.

Two other great favourites with our foreign guests are Stuffed Avocado and Baked Crab. The Mixed Sea Food Grill would have a foodie’s eyes glaze over with a platter heaped with grilled crabs, king prawns, squid, oysters and fillet of chonak (red snapper). You should try our Goan Crab Curry, Tandoori Kingfish, Reichado Pomfret and the Masala Fried Calimari.

There’s Pork Vindaloo that we are very proud of and Pork Sorpotel which is hugely addictive.

We have Indian cuisine especially tandoori treats, Italian cuisine and Chinese specialties. We strive always to give our meals that Wow Effect.

Wines and Mocktails

And then there is the wine to give the evening a magical touch. We have a well-stocked bar with the best of liquors and wines, and for the teetotalers, there are mocktails and exotic juices.

And to round off the meal desserts, like the saints, come marchin’ in. We offer you Goan desserts like Bebinca and Dodol. Bebinca is a multi-layered cake with each layer baked individually, made of beaten egg and coconut milk preparation, while Dodol is a preparation made of coconut jaggery. The Crepe Sousa Lobo – ice cream rolled with a sprinkling of grated coconut dust topped with chocolate, touches just the right spot.

Music and dancing

We have live music in the evenings and a dance-floor for those who cannot resist the foot tapping melodies. Old favourites are played along with new hits. The Souza Lobo experience is what our repeat guests look for. They come here to remember the good times, for this is one place where you can shrug off the worries and problems that beset your everyday life. Just enjoy the moment and treasure it, until it is time to come back.

Party place

Since we have so much space, we can organize parties or small celebrations without disturbing our regular guests. We never close the restaurant when we cater to weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

The best part of Souza Lobo is that it appeals to every type of individual and every age group.

Children love coming here, because they can play safely on the beach under the watchful eyes of their parents and service staff of Souza Lobo. Need we say more? Come. We’re waiting.
Calangute Beach
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