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Traditional Goan food, with freshly ground spices, in very generous quantities served in a the lovely village setting of Raia. The ambience of Nostalgia is superb.
Come celebrate Goa's rich culinary heritage at Nostalgia. You can take your pick of our choice spread, indulging those tastebuds in the best way possible at our buffet table. Or you can sit down to a planned meal with a fixed a la carte menu. If you are looking for traditional Goan food, Nostalgia is the place for you. And then there's the music. Live music.
Alongside the usual trinity - pork sorpotel, shark amotik, chicken cafreal - Nostalgia also offers caldo verde, a delicate Portuguese soup, veggie classics like toradchi uditmethi and ambadechem khoromb, and unusual village-style dishes like pork solantulem, cooked with dried mango and kokum. The golden-red prawn curry sings of fresh-ground spices, the fresh green bhindi in perfect counterpart to prawns cooked to tender perfection.
It is not just the quality and quantity of our cuisine that brings our guests back to us time after time. It's the special ambience of Nostalgia which brings in the magic. There's top quality live music, and of course, dancing in this boutique restaurant in a an unequaled rustic village setting. People do not come here by chance, they come here by choice.
About us:
Some record Goa's heritage in books and museums. Founder of Nostalgia Chef Fernando's way was to create a menu for his restaurant, with dishes he said were from the times "when Grandpa fancied Grandma".
The creation of every dish is of equal importance at Nostalgia. A dal and a simple cucumber bhaji occupy as important a space as a pork vindalho or seafood balchao. Our masalas are hand-ground every day. Our sausages and feni are homemade.
Nostalgia was Chef Fernando's labour of love. He looked for handed-down-across-generations Goan recipes to add to the Nostalgia menu. He also collected curios of Goa over the centuries to hang on Nostalgia's crowded walls. His bar was described as unparalleled with exotic old wines and liquors sourced out by him.
Chef Fernando passed away and his wife Margarida continues his mission to preserve, protect and promote the fine art of traditional Goan cuisine. Margarida encourages Goan musicians to sing and play for her guests giving a whole different stimulation of the senses to the guests at Nostalgia.
Passionate. Compassionate. Grit. Laughter. Stubborn. GOAN. That is what comes to mind when one thinks of the larger than life "Ferdie', 'Nandinho' 'Conti' 'Chef-ito' 'Nostalgia-Ferdy' as he was fondly called by different people at different times. Fernando Aluiso Ribeiro Da Costa was probably the last vestige of 'authentic Goan Cuisine'. Traditionally-Contra beneath his chefs' hat, Chef stood resolute in self belief; belief in Goa and a deep abiding love for all things Goan. This credo saw him devote his intellectual gifts, and his extraordinary capacity for hard work to the cause of Goan Cuisine. It is this credo that Chef Fernando's Nostalgia, the restaurant, showcases.
The Times Food Award in the category of Best Goan for the Year 2011, January 28, 2011
Business Goa Award 2012 for Preserving Goan Culinary Culture

+91-832-2777054 +91-832-2777098
+919822151296 (Mahesh) +91982210346 (Margarida)
Nostalgia, Raia, Salcete, Goa