We MUST NOT let Cipriano’s Custodial Death die a natural death

January 7, 2013

floriano-loboFLORIANO LOBO | The Goa Su-Raj Party has noted the press report that CBI has turned down the State’s request to probe Cipriano Fernandes’ custodial death case.

As per the report, it is evident that despite the Goa Police Intelligence Services were fully capable of bringing this investigation to a logical conclusion, the Government chose to pass the buck on to the CBI, Mumbai, in order to play for time and hoping that the matter of Cipriano’s Custodial Death will die a natural death with the burial of his remains, which has been executed UNDER PROTEST, as the family was given an alternative either to take possession of the body or have the Government dispose it off as it deems fit.

The Goa Su-Raj Party feels that, since the Government of Goa had informed the High Court of Bombay at Goa that it will hand over the case to CBI for further investigation to bring the culprits to book, it has now no alternative but to expedite the investigation entrusted to ‘SIT’ [Special Investigation Team] on urgent basis, so that Cipriano, not only gets justice for his custodial death, but also Goa is reassured that such dastardly crimes are not committed again by men in uniform, whose raison d’etre is to protect and not eliminate innocent citizens of Goa in their custody, to keep with their professed oath.

Cipriano Fernandes was a citizen of Moira. On the day of his funeral [7 November, 2012], the Goa Su-Raj Party, headquartered at Moira, had, through an abundance of placards, demanded JUSTICE for Cipriano’s Custodial Death and had let it known through the ‘Press Interviews’ that the Party will see to it that justice for Cipriano’s custodial death is delivered and the culprit policemen involved in this custodial death are brought to book.

This Party, therefore, requests the Government to take this matter seriously, now that it has bounced back into its lap again, and bring it to a logical conclusion, swiftly and determinedly, while ‘CIPRIANO’ is still alive in GOA’s memory, failing which, this Party will be constrained to take up this matter with the High Court of Bombay at Goa.

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