We give away our time too freely

May 20, 2016

Someone yesterday asked me how I manage my time. I replied that I do everything on my terms. I don’t care how big the star, head of state or whoever, I will not work on the weekend except for charity on Saturday morning.

The other secret is not to follow other people’s agenda. People want four hours or one hour? Sorry if we can finish in half hour or ten minutes, it will be better. People say the meeting will start at 5pm. But I want to know when it will end. Same for events.

We give away our time too freely. Why should we? Especially when it is to someone else’s advantage or agenda. Lastly, I know my work time is valuable. So please pay for it if it concerns work. Don’t waste my time. I don’t like to talk. Send me a clear and concise email rather than tell me stories that waste my time.

But if you are going to make me smile, laugh, feed me, improve my garden, teach me, enhance my knowledge, give advice that interests me, show me a new place, point me to travel/event/ritual/discovery…I am free as a bird

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