Today’s toddlers, tomorrow’s citizens

January 2, 2017

sudeepSUDEEP DALVI  |  Tiny toddlers and young kids on New Year’s Eve with paper boxes in hands, stopping ongoing vehicles asking for money, shouting “Old man old man…” and pointing towards a rag tag funny looking old man……

Another group of tiny toddlers and young kids during Ganesha days with similar paper boxes in hands, stopping ongoing vehicles asking for money, shouting “Ganapati bappa morya….”

This is the joy of being a Goan. These tiny tots and young lads are learning to socialise. Together they create the Old Man and the Christmas Crib and together they make Ganesha decorations, with their friends and helpful uncles and aunties. Together they block roads and together they seek money from the ongoing vehicles.

On New Year’s Eve, two groups of kids in St. Estevam caught hold of my bullet and made me get down, robbing me of all I had in all my pockets. I gladly allowed myself to be robbed of every penny available.

Tomorrow, these same kids will be grown up Goan citizens. These will be the ones who will rebel against land acquisitions, against hill cutting, against conversion of forest land into settlement zones, against filling of water bodies and Khazans, against murder of people like Father Bismarque. Together, they will fight the police on streets, together they will shout their throats out in protest, together they will fill the prisons and defend their rights as citizens, and together, they will decide the future course of Goa. Their Goa.

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