This time select a Goan party with its high command in Goa – the 15-year-old Goa Su-Raj Party

February 12, 2016

floriano-loboFLORIANO LOBO  |  The Goa Su-Raj Party – GSRP has stood the test of time for the past 15 years. For those who may not be aware of this Party, we would like to direct them to the Party’s website which has been in operation since the past 14 years.

This is a serious Party. It has been put together by serious GOANS to tackle Goa’s serious problems of mis-governance. This Party has been about its business of bringing itself to the notice of Goans in all these years. However, unfortunately, the reach has been slow. It has shown its presence in Goa’s electoral processes since the year 2002, when it contested 8 seats, 4 in North Goa and 4 in South Goa. In 2005 the Party contested the Taleigao seat in the by-elections. In 2007 the Party contested from the Aldona Constituency, and in 2012, the Party contested from Aldona as well as from Taleigao constituencies.

People do not accept new political formations and look at them suspiciously as fly-by-night operators and vote splitting mechanisms, they having been committed to the long-standing main players viz. the Congress and the BJP in Goa. And, right enough, the voters of the Aldona Constituency had confronted us with this question in the run up to the 2002 elections “WILL YOU GUYS BE AROUND IN THE NEXT ELECTIONS?” [Meaning you will not disappear?]. GSRP had taken this phenomenon well into account when it was formed through many, long and arduous deliberations, and had decided to go slow and steady, giving the people of Goa time to be comfortable with it as the possible alternative when they gradually grew sick and tired of the main complacently non-performing players, to allow for the inevitable anti-incumbency factor to creep into play, as it always does. And right enough, Goa remained with the Congress up to 2007 fearing the communal BJP, until it cut its own feet from under it, having taken the people of Goa for granted, to show it the door in 2012, falling for the deceptions of the BJP, to accept it with a pinch of salt, and, with the age old saying at the back of their minds “The Known Devil is better than the unknown”.

GSRP felt that the Congress was more dangerous for Goa than the BJP with its all pervading ‘MGP’ complexion. It had to be taken out first. The task of eliminating the BJP would be a piece of cake, provided there was a deep-rooted alternative available. Hence the decision of GSRP to come out full blast in the 2016-17 elections with not less than 30 candidates, numbers being important to convince Goans that should they decide to dump the BJP, they could very well have GOA’S OWN HIGH COMMAND IN GOA with the totally Goa Centric GSRP.

GSRP has no grass-roots base and frankly speaking the Party has not tried hard enough to put this in place in all these years with the understanding that once the grass-roots base is in place, it must be serviced [watered], lest it gets scorched-up and dry out. GSRP is now setting up its grass-roots base through the declared candidates in all the constituencies it will contest from, through setting up of CWCs [Constituency Working Committees] which will work with the candidates for their ultimate successes. Their normal funding is through 70 % roll-back from whatever is collected from within the respective constituencies with no questions asked, but during election times it is 100 % roll-back as all election expenses including the election deposits of the candidates shall come from these funds.

GSRP has its after elections procedures solidly in place, how it will select/elect its Cabinet of 5 [only], distribute all portfolios through balanced portfolio charts, taking collective oath [in KONKANI] and have its first introductory Cabinet meeting not later than the 3rd day from the declaration of the election results.

No more confusion as to who will be the CM, the Ministers, who will get what portfolios and the dilemma of oath taking in Marathi. GSRP shall not follow the conventional procedures in selecting the Cabinet, as it has given full powers to the grass-roots to do the same in the post election Party Convention as showcased in 2002 when the Party elected its ‘Shadow Cabinet’ from within the then contesting 8 candidates, at the T.B. Cunha Hall, Panjim.

GSRP’s thrust for the 2016-17 elections is three fold :

To set-up a credible and permanent grass-roots base, through setting up CWCs in all the constituencies contested.

To get the recognition for the Party with the Election Commission [i.e. to log 8 per cent of the total votes polled in all 40 constituencies of Goa]
To install GOA’S OWN HIGH COMMAND IN GOA for the first time since 1963.

GSRP is serious about the repayment of the massive 66,000 crores of public debt which is weighing down heavily on Goa’s gen-next, crippling its future. Half of this shall be through the recovery of Rs.35,000 crores illegal mining loot from the mine-owners recorded by the SHAH COMMISSION. GSRP is well geared up with belt-tightening exercises to make sacrifices to repay the public debts through its constitutional provisions viz. Article 34 [only 5 member cabinet] and Article 38 [MLAs cannot be posted as Chairmen and Directors of Govt Corporations and Institutions].

GSRP is a green revolutionary Party which came about 15 years ago telling the world of Goans that the ‘REVOLUTION HAS JUST BEGUN’ [ Check our website]. It is up to Goans to take this revolution to the logical conclusion to make it the REVOLUTION OF THE BALLOTS. The people of Goa get two things in one with GSRP. They get a successful REVOLUTION with guarantees that this revolution will never go sour on them, and two, they get to install GOA’S OWN HIGH COMMAND, not in Delhi, not in Nagpur, not in Maharashtra’s Baramati, but right here, on the sacred soil of Goa for the first time since 1961, without the confusion making and sub-standard delivery of a coalition government. Henceforth, decisions that affect Goa and Goans must be taken here in Goa and not elsewhere on the basis of suitcases full of currency notes.



The writer is founding President, General Secretary and spokesperson GSRP.
Twitter ID – @goasuraj
Mob: 9890470896

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