They always disappoint us and always will

March 28, 2017

JoaoBarrosJOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,” said Henry Kissinger US Secretary of State several decades ago and it is true of Goan politicians today. They have discovered the secret of life and want to live it fully.

In the iconic movie series someone comments to the Godfather about a third person and says, “He is an honest man”. The Godfather replies understandably, “It is dangerous to be honest.” If anyone should know, it is the Godfather.

In another movie a character comments about a baddie: “He had an opportunity to make easy money and so he took it. He is an American.” Nowadays in Goa there are a lot of people who have a lot of American blood. They think they can get away with anything.

Anyone who aspires to be a politician is psychologically ill. We should not look up to them but be wary of them. The ‘p’ in politician is poison, and it comes in a variety of colors and flavors which reminds me of ice cream. Take your pick.

Young politicians in Goa wish the old men in politics would cross over to the other world. Meanwhile, they can cross over from one political party to another. Unfortunately, old politicians don’t give up easily nor die easily. They enjoy telling the young how they need to be patient and stand in line.

Both old and young politicians have a mega inferiority complex, an insatiable hunger for power, prestige, and money and everything power brings with it. And, they are willing to do almost anything to get it. Without power, they feel they are nothing. Poor fellows. The only difference between the old and young politician is quantitative, a gap of a number of years. Both belong to the school of zero tolerance to creativity and fair play and think intelligence is no different from being street smart.

The latest political scenario in Goa has projected Mr Vijay Sardesai into the bad limelight. Let us not forget he is a politician and suffers because he has the p-gene. Anyway, isn’t it too much to expect a politician to be sincere? Sincerity and honesty go together and is plentiful when we are playing with paper money! But with real money …?

That Vijay Sardesai has cheated or fooled his voters appears to be the public perception among foes and friends alike. He has joined the BJP hasn’t he? Would he have won had he informed his voters prior to the election that he intends to join the BJP? He says he has not changed his agenda even though he has been ranting and raving against the BJP and CM Manohar Parrikar non-stop for three years! If there is one Goan politician in the Opposition who has been ranting and raving against the BJP government and Manohar Parrikar in particular it is Vijay Sardesai. He claims he has joined the BJP government but there is no change in his agenda. Has he only changed the color of his costume but there is no change of heart? I believe he deserves to be given a chance.

I say give Vijay Sardesai a chance. After all he is not the only politician who has a heart full of American blood. I like his comment that now is not the time for optics but politics. He claims his program of Goenkarponn has not changed even though he has formed an alliance with the BJP. I say give him a chance to prove it! Ask him for his definition of Goenkarponn and ask him to explain how the various programs and projects of the BJP government will harmonize with it. CM Manohar Parrikar also in his new avatar after his return from Delhi,  and who looks tired, might show everyone how wrong they are about him and sooner than later become Goa’s greatest gift to Goans.

Our politicians have proven again and again the truth of Henry Kissinger’s observation about how there is no other aphrodisiac quite as powerful as power. They are always in trouble because of it but never give up in their quest for power while the voter watches them bemusedly visiting temples, churches, mosques and more. It is so sad and yet it is as funny as hell. God, I believe, has not stopped laughing. We need to thank our politicians for keeping God in good humor.

Democracy is on the decline and this fact is known to anyone who is half awake. We have to see it does not die as it is still the best form of government we have, the most civilized way of settling disputes and allowing freedom to the greatest number of people. We cannot allow it to die or our freedom will die with it. The price of freedom is vigilance eternally.

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