The Sun Rises in the West

November 3, 2015

rajanparrikarRAJAN PARRIKAR  |  Up is down. And apples rise, not fall. This was the parallel universe I briefly walked into today morning at Hotel Fidalgo in Panjim where the Smart City Roundtable Symposium was being held.

The purveyor of this alternate reality was the city MLA, Shri Sidharth Kuncalienkar. After warming up with a self-serving spurious account of Ponte de Liñhares, he delivered his pièce de résistance. The true villains wrecking Goa were the “activists,” he intoned. These nefarious “activists” stood in the way of Goa’s progress, placing all manner of obstacles in the path to the good life.

Whereas, in his view, the true apostles of selfless service were the politicians who, he further claimed, held in their heart only the best interests of Goa.

More revelations followed such as: corruption in government was not as severe as the level of corruption in the private world. Who knew!

During the break I had an exchange with Shri Kuncalienkar. I pointed out that there was not the slightest evidence that Goa’s politicians were good or honest caretakers of our land. I wondered on which planet he had spent the past 3 decades of his life. By way of an example, I cited the egregious lies his mentor Manohar Parrikar told Goans about wanting to get rid of casinos while he was secretly in bed with the casino lobby.

During his spiel Shri Kuncalienkar said he fervently hoped that these “activists” wouldn’t come in the way of his 3-year old child’s future. I wish the MLA’s child the very best in his or her life and assure him that it won’t be the “activists” hindering the child.

What he should pray instead is for the child to grow up to be a good human being, with a strong character and moral fibre. In short, nothing at all like his mentor Manohar-ji Parrikar-ji.

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