The Not So Invisible Man!

August 6, 2017
Joao Barros Pereira
Joao Barros Pereira

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA | The success of catching the culprit who desecrated Christian graves and crosses as well as Hindu nandi and ghumti has produced a lot of stories with some people donning doubting Thomas masks and asking: Did he act alone?

As desecrations involve both Christian and Hindu religious symbols it is indeed confusing and a challenge for us as we cannot claim to have a living and breathing Sherlock Holmes who is a Goan! I’ve heard several theories, though. The only theory I’ve not heard so far is that he is sometimes invisible. Thank you H. G. Wells. I stand grateful and in debt to you.

That the accused is a nut does not mean this case is an easy nut to crack as so far there are a hundred and thirteen desecrations executed by him from 2003-2017. Is he a one-man army? A Goan Rambo with a loose screw or two? Some think he is, others think not. All kinds of theories are making the rounds not only in bars but in churches and temples too.

The police claim they found a hammer and a coito. And a report mentioned the perpetrator of the crime is a taxi driver. The taxi drivers union immediately rejected his claim as it is not true, and reflects badly on the good reputation of taxi drivers in Goa. Further, an empirical enquiry has shown possession of a driver’s license does not make someone a taxi driver!

Unlike the taxi drivers – although they found a hammer – not a word of protests has been heard from the carpenters union. And, while the taxi drivers guard their reputation zealously, the carpenters appear not to care at all because their reputation could not get any worse? Perhaps, there is no carpenters union in Goa. I don’t know.

Aunty Alice says the case is getting curiouser and curiouser. She should know. What I cannot understand is why the pedekars have remained more silent than a graveyard when the coito is making a straight and deep cut at the roots of goemkarponn.

I’ve shredded my brains on this one and give up! If he is acting alone we are lucky. No more desecrations of Christian churches and Hindu temples. End of story. If he is not, the desecrations will also end as it is too dangerous to continue to do this kind of evil act in future.

Lucky again.

Look at the bright side. We have been given a reprieve, a break. The unlucky Lucky 7 casino is now forced to take a break on a sand bank of River Mandovi, and with nowhere to go! Small mercies.

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