The gorgeous papaya leaf has restored dengue and chikungunya victims to even better health than before

June 17, 2015

There are 29 cases of dengue confirmed in the Sao Jose d’Areal area. The locals are terrified, yet there is a natural cure for dengue and chikungunya. Please spread the following information.
These are diseases that affect the blood platelets. There seems to be no allopathic cure for these diseases but ancient Indian medicine discovered that the juice extracted from one leaf of a papaya tree works to improve platelet count within 3 hours. Follow up the next day with the juice extracted from a second papaya tree leaf. Same on the third day. By this time the dengue or chikungunya is infection is well and truly killed.

I have personal knowledge that this has worked in at least 25 persons who tried it. It worked on my husband too. He had dengue last year 2014. Three doses were enough to cure him. The best part about the papaya leaf juice is that these two diseases give you terrible joint pains. The papaya leaf juice treats the pain too. If you have a garden or vacant land nearby plant a couple of papaya trees.

Method for extracting the juice:

  • Take one papaya leaf, wash it and pat it dry.
  • Cut away the thick stem and central veins.
  • Chop fine, the dark green leafy portion of the leaf.
  • Grind it with one tablespoon of water.
  • Put the resulting paste into a muslin cloth or a tea strainer and strain it.
  • You will get around two tablespoons of foul tasting green liquid.
  • Give it to the patient.
  • The taste is quite awful. But do not let the patient drink water. Instead allow the patient to rinse the mouth and spit. My husband said, the juice made the skin in his mouth tender. Well duh, papain is used to tenderize meat.
  • Repeat the dose the following day.
  • And the next.

Three doses are enough. Do not give more than one dose in 24 hours.

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