The Environment Is Not a Vote Bank!

July 10, 2017

JoaoBarrosJOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  Nitin Gadkari has joked how we Goans fear the Central government is going to take our rivers to Delhi. No joke, this! Bad joke, sir. Shows you have no love for Goa or India. Sad. Very sad.

What makes it super easy for a politician to speak glibly about our rivers when they are a health threat to Goans and people from all over India who visit Goa as well as international tourists?

Our rivers can be likened to our mothers as they nourish us. And, they are dying! Is this a joke? Something to laugh about? Only a man who has no love in his heart for his country’s environment can enjoy this type of sick humor, and make a joke of our dying rivers!

Scientists inform us our rivers are dangerous and polluted, and we should not swim in them. Maybe Nitin Gadkari and friends of his brave new world on their next trip to Goa would like to take a dip in our polluted rivers, especially River Sal – the most dangerous? Parties in the past have been held on a bridge above the health-threatening waters. Next time, how about in the water?

No swimming in our rivers in white underwear, please, as it goes against our culture.

Also, no bikinis! After all, Delhi is a distance away from Goan culture and waters and is a well known place for endless rapes of our Indian women.

A bikini could cause a major catastrophe in Goa.

I repeat, the environment Is not a vote bank. The only language a politician speaks and understands is the language of vote banks. And, there is no exception to this rule.

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