The communal vote is even stronger with the Velingkar-Dhavlikar-Parrikar drama playing with the voter’s mind

February 1, 2017

JosefilipetcJOSE FILIPE DA PIEDADE CLEMENTE DIAS  |  This drama that Velingkar,  Dhavalikar and Parrikar are playing into the minds of the Goan public is all a farce. They are not against each other, they are just manipulating the electorate to give different alternatives where the sitting BJP MLA faces a realistic public opposition. Look into all constituencies. Wherever BJP expects to lose due to anti-incumbancy, MGP and allies have put a strong alternative candidate.

But there is no good MGP & Allies candidate against preferred BJP candidates in Panaji, Fatorda, Taleigao and other BJP strongholds.

There is no serious opposition to Damu Naik from Dhavarikar and co …. Vijai Sardessai is the only challenge and GF votes are getting split .

Since there is strong anti-incumbency in Pernem and Mandrem, MGP has fielded good candidates as alternatives. Sukerkar was a strong opponent to the BJP candidate in Panaji. They would seriously split votes. Now, the GSM candidate is mostly silent. Not as loud as the respected Sukerkar was.

In Cumbharjua, MGP is supporting a weak independent candidate. They did not field their own candidate there. BJP has fielded Madkaikar, a three term MLA.

Even Babush Monserrate and Rohan Khaunte have kept themselves aloof from Congress and BJP. Obviously, they expect to join the ruling administration and or get support post elections to strengthen their hold over their respective constituencies.

Parrikar and Dhavalikar have openly stated to the public that they are open to a post election alliance.

BJP and MGP & Allies are faking opposition. They are making a drama to fool the people of Goa. They are very united underground where they have secret meetings.

The communal vote is not getting split. It is still united.

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