The Baby in the Political Bathwater

March 13, 2017

kenelm1KENELM SANTANA LOPES | Some of us have been furious over what happened yesterday. Post elections, a small political party decided to align with another party that it was fiercely and vehemently opposed to. They had the option to sit in the opposition, they had the option to wait for other options but that was not a choice they made.

And we are upset. Very very upset.

Some of us are upset that they did not align with non-communal forces (apparently). The others are quick to question this accusation of being communal.

Some of us are gloating that they aligned with a ‘development’ (whatever that means) oriented party that is ruling at the centre. Their opponents point out that these models of development have little regard for our ecology, local Goan people and the peculiar beauty of Goa.

Others point out that they had to choose between the lesser of two evils. Of course the evils are relative. One is known to be comprised of individuals with known histories of corruption. The other (a party in power for a shorter period) is also known to have taken U turns on almost every issue including casinos, mining, etc but must importantly ‘Zero tolerance to Corruption” itself.

I am most upset for another reason.

I am upset that the people we elect and vote for are not held accountable for their pre-poll statements and promises.

I have always believed that this Goenkarponn that we talk about is a goodness that exists in Goans. It represents a very high score on ratings of morality, integrity and accountability. Why are we not upset that all these people keep changing what they promise again and again all in the name of OUR interests? In our zeal to serve our political interests, all that is forgotten?

If we insist on our legislators being accountable for their statements there would be no U-turns, there would be no ageing corrupt old men seeking the Chief ministership, and there would be no parties changing their stance post-election.

Stop shaming yourselves by justifying what happened once again by delusions that there ‘was no other option’, ‘in the interest of the mandate’ and ‘the lesser of two evils’.

If you have to change the basis you were elected on, then have the courage to change your stance and seek re-election. Your integrity is far more valuable than your membership of the legislative assembly.

Goenkarponn is not about a coconut, special status, language or bringing back a Defence Minister back to Goa because we have no other competent alternatives. It is about being a great people, not the pimps and prostitutes of power that we have become.

I wish the new government all the best and once again with a heavy heart and now a forced faith in the government we have elected. I hope you are not corrupt, protect the interests of Goans and develop the state by saving our culture and ecology.

In our zeal to get our favourite parties to power please ensure that we Goans were not the baby in the political bathwater.

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