So who the hell do we vote for?

February 1, 2017

1proBEVINDA COLLACO  |  The BJP lied about the major issues plaguing Goa – Lokayukta, Regional Plan, Illegal Mining, Casinos. They kept their freebies promises, but then they’re excellent at giving away the taxpayers money to their votebanks. They cannot manage a tough Lokayukta, they cannot give us a Regional Plan, because then they will not be able to sell Goa off to the highest bidder. They have given the same people they accused of illegal mining, renewal of their licences for 20 years. And, hello, the number of Casinos have increased by the simple expedient of allowing lapsed licences to be transferred. They saved the casinos by changing their description from off-shore vessels to river vessels. No the BJP will only destroy what is left of Goa.

The Congressmen are talking of 60% new faces, but we see the old faces still calling the shots. They will be the master puppeteers and the scams will roll out exactly like before. They will also destroy what is left of Goa.

AAP is already filling Goa with non-Goans to advertise their “brand”. Once AAP takes charge, our local leaders voices will be drowned out. AAP is a huge risk. They are already eager to change the face of Goa. We never had mohallas. We have slums. We have villages and vaddos. They will concentrate on the slums, giving the people a better quality of life. So no prizes for guessing what class of migrant will be given the red carpet treatment. They have not managed to fix the law and order in Delhi, they have not fixed the garbage collection in Delhi, they have not fixed the public transport systems in Delhi, they have not fixed the pollution in Delhi. There’s unplanned construction happening in the NCR areas. There were two epidemics running at the same time in Delhi, but the leaders were all missing in action. AAP as it is, cannot be good for Goa.

The GSM has only Marathi as its MOI issue, yes, yes, Konkani too, but we know where their priorities lie. The fact that they have joined forces with the Shiv Sena that has been desperate to grow roots in Goa, should tell us what the GSM game plan is.

The MGP (you know what the M in their name stands for – Maharashtrawadi) has tied up with the GSM and is not committing itself on the MOI issue. At the same time MGP is leaving the door open for an alliance with the BJP. If the GSM, Shiv Sena, MGP and BJP join forces, they will in all probability win Goa. But it won’t be for long. MOI will constantly be tipping the balance and pretty much nothing will be done.

We have Goa Forward and Goa Su-Raj. Can they do the job for Goa? Maybe they can. Along with independents like tried and trusted Judith Almeida. Our safest bet for Goa would be to elect truly independent independents. But does such an entity really exist?

Goa’s only hope lies in the electorate’s behaviour AFTER the elections are over. No matter who wins, let the constituents and all underage citizens, especially students, come together and force the local representative to get the job done. People power wins the day. We just have to stand up and be heard.

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