School Uniform

June 13, 2017

JoaoBarrosJOAO BARROS PEREIRA |  The monsoon brings good news for farmers. With the opening of schools for the new academic year, unfortunately, it it is not good news for some children who are as yet free in their minds and hearts.

Now, this is not a new issue. It is talked about all over the world at the start of the new academic year. Few schools reform and allow students to choose clothes of their own choice when they go to school.

It is no accident, at the lower level of education, seldom are children given a choice or their parents, either. Often academically good schools are the worst offenders as they know parents want the best education for their children. If they don’t like the rule, parents are always free to go elsewhere! Prestigious schools all over the world believe in giving the child or parents no choice in this matter.

Depersonalization of education is another word for brainwashing. Start with the uniform and gradually move up to the head. Don’t encourage them to think for themselves or even allow them the basic freedom to make their own decision on how they would like to dress. Adults in educational institutions are bonded together in bullying children and taking away their fundamental rights. And are always good at rationalizing their behavior in a hundred and one ways. Disgusting.

Schools are not the place for a girl or boy to develop his or her own personality but a place to condition them. The defense forces of a country are a good example of depersonalization. All over the world defense forces dress the same way – whichever uniform has been decided on – for effective action in war. It makes sense when soldiers are going to fight in a war. It makes no sense when children are going to school.

Are there universities who do the same? The word university is closely related to another word – universal. All over the world nowadays universities are becoming centers for the development of skills which is necessary but not enough: making a living is necessary but learning how to live in harmony with other people and nature is equally important!

When education fails in its goal Donald Trump becomes a hero. And, Brexiit and so on. It is the closing of minds and hearts. It may start with a simple, innocuous uniform and end up in uniformity  of thought.

That, sadly enough, is not education whatever else it might be!

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