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January 31, 2017

sudeepSUDEEP DALVI  |  Since three to four days, three letters of correspondence between Ranjit Cotta Carvalho, builder by profession and now AAP candidate from Fatorda and Royla Fernandes, Sarpanch of Benaulim and now AAP candidate from the same place have been making rounds over the Goan social media circles.

At the first look, the three letters give a convincing appearance of a corrupt nexus between a builder and a village sarpanch. But upon a keen and thoughtful observation, anybody with a little bit of knowledge of government correspondence will easily make it out that the said three letters are a small part of a larger chain of correspondence between the two parties, and the one who sent these three photographed letters has not done a justice to the issue by hiding the letters preceding and proceeding letters.

Then why these letters were sent to different individuals like myself and circulated all over the social media? What was the purpose? What was the real intent behind all this exercise? Who is the mastermind? Why all this?

Obviously, this all exercise is to destroy the chances of Royla as well as those of Rohit. एक तीर से दो शिकार. Killing two birds with a single stone. A very clever slander game.

Today, a post was created by Royla supporter Raymond Pereira, asking individuals who wished to know the truth regarding the matter to talk directly with Royla’s lawyer or Royla herself in order to do justice towards their opinion about her and him.

I was not the one to remain quiet, because I have never committed the sin of forming one sided opinions about any individual without hearing the other side of the story. I had a word with Royla, her Advocate as well as with Raymond and patiently heard their side of the story.

After the conversation for some moments, I went into a flashback mode of one year behind, when an “Iron lady” from Colva was so close to my heart that I considered her as good as my mother and she considered me as good as her child. We all were a closely knit team and things were going on beautifully.

And then occurred Father Bismarque’s murder.

In the following days, an advocate who is very close to this “Iron lady” was very ambitiously struggling to get a foothold into Father Bismarque’s court case. So much so, that the “Iron lady” sent a word to the stake holders in the case requesting them to find a suitable position for the said Advocate from Betalbatim in the forthcoming case. When informed that the case required a seasoned and experienced lawyer and not a young one, the lawyer from Betalbatim took it with an extreme form of negativity and started spreading canards, cooked up stories and rumours regarding circumstances of Father Bismarque’s murder over social media. The “Iron lady” and her cohorts who by then had severed every form of communication with me too joined the rumour mongering game.

The rumour mongering was proceeded by slander. Talks of Sudeep Dalvi having involvement in Bismarque’s murder started making rounds. Facebook, Twitter, private whatsapp groups, person to person messages started making ways slandering me as the murderer of Father Bismarque. The atmosphere got vicious day by day.

And one day, the I came to know that the “Iron lady” and her lawyers were desperately searching for my telephone call detail records and movement details for the days preceding and proceeding Father’s murder. That was a gross attempt to violate my privacy. Except for investigation authorities, no individual had any right to break into my privacy and get into into my personal details. Obviously, those who had in their possession my call records refused to share then with the “Iron lady” and her adventurous hooligan of an advocate.

This was the worst type of backstabbing I had ever faced in my entire social life, and soon with her agenda remaining incomplete, the “Iron lady” washed her hands off Father’s case and got lost. Good riddance. Last I saw her months ago at Kejriwal’s first Goa visit sitting on a chair wearing an AAP cap. Later I came to know that she left the party and was intending to stand as an independent candidate. From where? Again Benaulim.

Coming back to Royla’s case, the lawyer says that no licence was granted till the case was settled by the High Court, which came against Benaulim Civic and Consumer Forum. I would request anybody from the said forum to please provide me the details of para 7 and 8 of the same here.

Regarding the issue, at least to me, it appears to be a classic case of Facebook slander. If not so, why those who are posting the said documents over Facebook not posting them to the court and seeking punishment for Royla and Ranjit?

My last words for the “Iron lady”, God bless you. I forgive you for slandering my image in the eyes of the people of Cansaulim, Carmona and Benaulim, who believed you more than me and cut off relationships with me without verifying the facts. I forgive you for destroying my network and work. Please don’t do that again even with your political enemies.

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