Money Doesn’t Always Grow On Trees

April 20, 2017

JoaoBarrosJOAO BARROS PEREIRA |  With the monsoon a couple of months away it is time to plan how to make our trees more healthy and yield more fruit. My friends think I’ve got my priorities all wrong, especially after the recent Legislative election. They say we need first to make the Goan politician more healthy as they appear to have lost their mental faculties.That derailment aside, as I am no expert on the subject please accept this pre-monsoon suggestion as a mere reminder.

A lot of trees are crying out for attention. It is now a good time to look at our trees in Goa – whatever the variety – and start looking after them, doing all what is necessary for their well being.The monsoon will arrive shortly with plenty of rain for the good of our trees. If we are going to be able to accept the most from Mother Nature and the monsoon we need to ready the trees for the coming rains. Different variety of trees will need a calendar of multiple dates and ways to nurture them but let us begin.

It is also a good time to plan a garden. I see a lot of new houses all over Goa facing roads which do not have a single tree in front of the newly-built house. Is this really the wish of the owners? Are Goans afraid the trees will block the view of the houses and people from the street will not be able to view 100% of the new house? I hope not.

MLA Vijay Sardesai would like to protect Goa’s architectural heritage. Let’s wish him luck! It is not an easy task as it is not only limited to the facade of the house. He will also have to limit the height of buildings too. No problem, really. In Panaji there is an area where you will find tall buildings. Tall buildings should be restricted to special areas. No need to build tall buildings in Campal and other heritage sites or villages. The Dempo building in Panaji which was built more than fifty years ago is still evidence of the first savage attack on the face of Goa’s architectural heritage. More power to MLA Vijay Sardesai.

Coming shortly, Goawood’s blockbuster movie: The Common Minimum Program. The public needs to analyze it threadbare and experts from the various fields need to air their opinions  in public forums otherwise the Congress will make some donkey-like sounds and the government will say it is their job to do so, and the debate is all over before it has begun! There is no shortage of buffoons or idiots in Goan politics and even though some politicians are smarter than others they are more street-smart than anything else and have more than a missing bone in their body, a missing conscience. But this is Goa today. If the Congress who love to fight among themselves, a well-known aspect of negative Goan identity, cannot make intelligent sounds please remember what Mother used to say, “Silence is golden.”

Trees provide shade and a sense of peace. They shield houses, especially houses on the main road from heat and dust and reduce the feeling of noisiness if you are unlucky enough to be too close to the road. And, of course, if it is a fruit tree you get to eat fresh fruit. Use organic materials and add a bonus to your trees and your health. After all, even if money does grow on trees health is wealth – physical as well as mental. Meanwhile, stay away from chemicals.

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