Long Live Cipriano Lopes – may his good Konkani loving soul rest in peace

February 28, 2016

floriano-loboFLORIANO LOBO  |  Cipriano Lopes was a dear friend of mine. He had befriended me the day he questioned me on my intent, as a political leaders and as the founding President of then newly formed Goa Su-Raj Party, about including ROMAN SCRIPT for KONKANI in the 8th. Schedule. When I told him that I, as a young boy used to write the letters for my ward elders to their sailing husbands and sons in Romi Konkani and that I used to read Roman Konkani novels written by Reginald Fernandes of Siolim, he had endeared me as a friend of Romi Konkani and had always alerted me about the Konkani Programmes scheduled to take place at Door Darshan, Panjim, of which he was a director. He had particularly invited me for the debate on MOI which was recorded and aired by Door Darshan where, as a member of the audience, I had given a real insight to the Panelists [which included Wilson Mazarello as the Moderator] as to what was MOI in its true meaning, which Cipriano had appreciated and lauded.

And, Cipriano was happy when I had told him that GSRP’s intent was to include ROMI SCRIPT for Konkani in the 8th Schedule as also to remove any mention of any other language in the Language Act as it exists.

We are happy that Wilson Mazarello, as the life member of GSRP and as its candidate for 35-Velim Constituency in the coming Assembly Elections will fullfil the life aspirations of Cipriano Lopes for Romi Script to attain the Official Status in Goa State’s Language Act.

It was with deep sorrow that I have put a fistful of mud over Cipriano’s coffin in the grave. May his good Konkani Loving Soul R.I.P.

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