Let’s not complain. Think pojitib

June 30, 2015

Previously the DAVP (Directorate of Advertising and Visual Promotion) an arm of the I & B Ministry used to handle social awareness advertising, apart from telling you how nice and peachy everything was in the various states…. and that MPs CMs and ministers in general had really euphoric smiles.

As we can see, in the 67 years of Black Ages they achieved nothing. Population is still zooming, people are still spitting on the walls and throwing kachra on the streets and the girl child is still being exploited and wiped out. This is why, all the promotional advertising of DAVP has been taken over by the PMO – to be precise by only one person – and all the out-of-work DAVP staff are selling chana and other snacks on the streets.

Now that we are emerging out of the Black Ages (of the 67 years) through the effective symbolism of contemporary and cutting edge motifs like brooms, yoga, selfies with the girl child, and the rakhi (among others more to come) we shall become the land of Plenty that the old fashioned DAVP could never bring about.

Films Division will also be reformed in a similar manner. It will be incorporated into the PMO. There can be only one theme for the newsreels and since most of that is going to happen in chakaas foreign locations a la Subhash Ghai, we should be happy. No more dirty tacky pictures documentaries on unwashed pot bellied infants and obscure artists painting Godknowswhat.

FTII had become a snake pit of communists and Maoists with slow films that put us all to sleep. That too has been cleaned up. A real man (not some long haired bearded poof) has come to head it, and his filmography made the nation’s hairs stand up, quite literally. Never a dull moment with all the moaning and groaning and women’s cries for help. Prasar Bharati and Doordarshan will also be included in the PMO. Programmes like the Marathi Amchi Maati Amchi Manas and the Bengali Krishibhaider Jonye (for example) were old hat and irrelevant – now especially so considering all the agricultural land will be industrialized. DD is one thing that had the chop coming.

And with a former diva from Chaas Bhi Kabhi Dahi Thi in the government, putting up a sterling performance every day, who needs them anyway? No one can ever again claim that the the Government of India falls short where entertainment and edutainment is concerned, any more. It rocks. And what’s more practically every minister and MP of the ruling party (including the sadhus and sadhvis) have reinvented and proved themselves to be performers that can give any Bollywood actor a run for his or her money.

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