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November 27, 2012

floriano-loboFLORIANO LOBO  | Late Jawaharlal Nehru, both before and after 19 December, 1961, had assured the Goan people that Goa’s unique character would be protected. To quote Nehru, “GOA’s individuality should remain and whenever the time comes for any changes, internal or other, it will be for the people of Goa, acting freely, to decide upon them”

Goa, five decades later, is on the verge of losing its Goan identity! Our unique character and way of life is being drowned out by the uncontrolled influx of people of non-Goan origin migrating into Goa. We are about to become a minority in our own state!

Our precious and limited land resources are being taken over by slums and bought-out, at an alarming rate, by mega builders from Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat at prices that are out of reach of the average Goan. The Indian Army and Navy are occupying large portions of our land and still not satisfied, are demanding more from the Goan Government. The Mormugao Port Trust has taken over all land bordering the rivers and the sea. Our mineral resources are being depleted and our forests destroyed.

Industries have been set-up in Goa which depend on manual labour which is not available locally. On the other hand, in industries where Goan talent is available, vacancies are being filled-up by non-Goans. As a result our Goan youth is left jobless and forced to migrate. Vote bank politics of the Government is jeopardizing the interests of Goans.


The Movement for Special Status for Goa [MSSG] urges Goans to join in the struggle to attain Special Status for Goa. Such Special Status needs to ensure that only we Goans can determine our fate and the fate of our homeland.

MSSG has been formed by activists and concerned citizens who have been fighting for Goan causes for most of their lives and who have taken this initiative in order to mobilize support for this all-important cause. We cannot stop until the Indian Government grants Goa the SPECIAL STATUS.

Such grant of Special Status requires an amendment of Article 371 of the Indian Constitution so that Goa’s Legislature may have ample powers to regulate on:

a) The customary law and procedure, it’s language, culture and ethos.

b) Ownership and transfer of land and the exploitation of it’s resources and the preservation of it’s natural and architectural heritage.

c) The regulation of entry and settlement of persons who are not of Goan origin/migrants.

d) Establishment of industries and employment therein.

e) Protection of age-old traditional institutions such as Gaumkaris [Comunidades] and their assets.

f) Protection of the original SCs, STs and GOUNLI [Dangars] belonging to the State.

It is imperative that the Government of India realizes that Goans are no longer going to be dictated to and trampled upon. That Goa cannot be treated as a Colony to sub-serve the selfish interests of the politicians at the cost of the present and of the future generations of Goans…. Let us join hands and come together in masses and unitedly raise our voices to demand that Special Status be granted to Goa!

You can also contribute to this movement in other ways:

Be a party to MSSG’s signature campaign along with your family so that we send a loud and clear message to the Goa Government and thereafter to the Indian Government that we Goans demand Special Status for Goa.

Pass resolutions to this effect in your GRAM SABHAS.

Write to the newspapers about the need for SPECIAL STATUS for Goa.

Join MSSG in the battle to SAVE GOA.

Let us not allow India to forget the promise solemnly made by Nehru to GOA and GOANS.

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