IPB or In-Principle Blunder

July 23, 2017
Joao Barros Pereira
Joao Barros Pereira

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  When in the Opposition Vijay Sardesai spoke aggressively and eloquently against the Investment Promotion Board (IPB) but his recent statements appear tame in comparison. He speaks of tightening it. Are there a couple of loose screws on the Board?

Vijay Sardesai who is a bright fellow wants to make the Goa Forward Party transparent and Goemkarponn. I applaud him for his effort. Although he reinvented himself post MLA elections people are espousing their faith in him. Not all, though. At the risk of raising the blood pressure of my good doctor and cardiac specialist, among others, please add my name to his list of supporters. He, no doubt, will have to walk the talk. Otherwise, our knight in shining armor will go down in history as Dr Spin.

The Investment Promotion Board appears to have been rushed through without a proper application of mind. It’s conception was in-principle in the words of ex-CM Parsekar. While there is a definite need to fast track big investment projects the Investment Promotion Board has gotten derailed!

A way has to be found to attract investment into Goa. We need to be able to simplify procedures without throwing out the baby along with the bath water. We cannot nullify other Departments and ignore important legal procedures. Checks and balances are necessary in a democracy as they keep our representatives from going haywire. And, we have all witnessed it!

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has commented on how the arrogance of a few people has affected the results of the Legislative elections with BJP MLAs, ministers, and even the chief minister failing to get reelected. As a BJP supporter I cannot hide my disappointment! The Goan voters have not hidden theirs either.

The coconut tree isn’t a tree. No name is necessary as we all know who said it. What an embarrassment for the present BJP coalition government who rejects what a BJP MLA from the previous BJP government said about the coconut tree. The present BJP coalition government now wants the coconut tree to be declared the State tree! A classic case of In-Principle Blunder and abuse of power.

Goans who love to drink said no-thank-you when they rejected the plan of a beer brewery and decided to fight against the felling of more than 800 coconut trees required to set up the factory. And, the fight goes on!

The Investment Promotion Board is ex-CM Parsekar’s brainchild I’m told. Some baby, this! With the government tightening the screws let us hope it does not end up in a straightjacket. God’s mistake is how ex-CM Parsekar’s unfortunately described physically-challenged people.

Even for an atheist like yours truly I find it difficult to believe. His mistake? My apologies to all feminists. I should have said Her Mistake but then to err is human! The Investment Promotion Board appears to me to be a simple human blunder. Not God’s mistake.

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