How Goans cheat each other

January 17, 2017

sudeepSUDEEP DALVI  |  Many times I scream on social media, in my interviews and on every forum possible, that we people are not living under a democracy, but under a KLEPTOCRACY, where each citizen’s hand is into another man’s pocket, and yes, we Goans are not an exception to it.

I wanted to buy a sound system, more precisely a public address system with two mics and 150 W output, totally battery and remote control operated which can be taken from place to place, without seeking an electricity connection.

I found such a system available in Goa at six shops, and price ranging from Rs. 12000 to Rs. 15000, which according to my knowledge was too high.

Ultimately, I contacted Jack Martins, a Delhi based audio systems company, which quoted the price at Rs.10000.

They had no dealership in Goa and directed me to their nearest dealer at Kolhapur to get one. I travelled all the way to Kolhapur, where at Chinmay Electronics, I was quoted a price of Rs. 9600, which after bargaining was settled at Rs. 9000. In addition to the one I mentioned, I purchased an additional piece with a lower output for another social activist, for Rs. 3500, for which the quotation in Goa was Rs. 5000.

I returned back happily with my purchase, saving almost Rs. 7500 over both the purchases.

I would have been delightful if Rs. 12500 would have gone in some Goan businessman’s pocket, but that was not to happen.

When will Goans learn to be honest at least with each other? When will we stop cheating each other. When will a day come when Goan customers will stop travelling to Maharashtra for buying their goods?

Any answer?



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  • why travel ? you could have had it transported and paid via NEFT .!!

    ALSO u could have got a cheaper rate in Mumbai and better Quality also …

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