Go back to ancient sciences, but show the country blueprints of how it is going to be done 

April 25, 2016

IITs have been asked to teach Sanskrit language for facilitating study of science and technology as reflected in its literature, Lok Sabha was told today.

But these wild statements that frequently pop up, similar in nature to the claims about Pushpak vimanas, plastic surgery, head transplants etc etc is based on one fundamental premise.

An expectation.

The expectation is that they will evoke an instant reaction of fury and indignation from the educated class. Jibes and scornful remarks will follow and then be heatedly rebuffed, there will be namecalling and the usual cannons will be trundled out and fired. 67 years of corruption, Sickular, Fiberal. All the familiar trappings that make up the cute Gaulish village brawl in Asterix.. Fullyautomatix just has to say something to Unhygenix and it starts.

The discourse will have been effectively diverted gleefully to an all too familiar space where there is no need of implementation to prove the validity of all these claims.

That’s what they count on every time and being not so stupid as you might think, and the educated class being not so smart, they hit bulls eye every time.

So this time around let us show some smarts. Let us ask valid questions instead of just mocking, demand to see the blueprints, if any, take shape on the ground.

Which books are they going to teach from?
Who will teach? The teacher (if he/ she is a physicist for instance) will have to also be conversant in Sanskrit. How many such professors are there?
What is the content? Is it something like Art History being taught to Fine Art students?
How will the two – the ancient and the modern overlap and what are the points of synergy? Are we expecting to learn something new or is it just a symbolic tip of the hat to acknowledge past achievements?

More importantly we should ask these questions.

The land is reeling from drought. Why are we, as a country, not actually exploring ancient and medieval water harvesting techniques that were effective all those years ago?

Architecturally, and from the point of civil engineering why are we relying on designs and materials that are environmentally unfriendly? Why do we not use the tech even the architects of the famed Hawa Mahal in Jaipur used for natural cooling instead of wrapping up our highrises with glass, and using so many AC’s?

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, and if an idea does not work, it dies under the weight of its own absurdity.

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