Give the fields back to the communidades

April 28, 2013

floriano-loboFLORIANO LOBO  | I made a trip to Candolim this morning to return the Decibel meter to my colleague in the HC constituted Noise Pollution Committee for North Goa, which I had borrowed to nail down U.V. Bar at Anjuna a month or so earlier. On my way, I saw what you see in the photographs, enough for me to stop and take a few pictures. This could be anything, from making a road for access into the paddy fields in this stretch for the farm machinery such as harvesters, tractors, etc to starting a construction project.


FIELDS GROWING RUBBLE return our fields to the Communidade. Pic: JoeGoaUK

Earlier in the day when I was settling the week’s labour wages with my ‘migrant’ contractor ( who btw is with me since early 90’s and who was the contractor to build my house) @ Rs. 620/day per shuttering/steel tying carpenter and @Rs.420/day per ordinary male helper, when questioned on this exorbitant rates were raised, what he told me is an eye-opener for our politicians who run this state to it’s doom.

According to the contractor, it is difficult to get even a reasonably skilled mason, nowadays. Pseudo masons who spot charge Rs. 750 per day do not even know how to plaster the walls. Female helpers, he said, are asking for Rs. 400/day and sit down and yap most of the day and open their palms for the payment at 5.00 p.m. You cannot even ask them to do an honest bit of work, he said because there is no one to regulate them.

A PWD contractor ( a Goan), I am told, has built 50 rooms in his paddy field at Canca and has rented them out to the migrants @2500/-month. It is believed that this PWD contractor is in the process of building more rooms in his paddy fields. He even boasts, it is believed, that applying for PWD contracts is no longer viable as Ministers and MLAs siphon more than half of the profits, and that this is the best business with 100 per cent returns. More people are into building rooms to rent to the migrants, he says. The migrants, according to him, no longer are willing to be put-up at building sites. Goans, he said, have built make-shift rooms to rent to the migrants with just tarpaulin and charge Rs. 1500/month as rent. These cubicles, he says, are shared by 6 or 8 persons, so that the exorbitant rent is beaten down.

And this is very very important what he tells me. The authorities, he says, must clamp down on Goans giving rentals to the migrants in the manner explained above. Then and only then, he says, things will look better for Goa.

Now, we must see here, who is talking. A Goan or a non-Goan, and who we call a GANTHIE.

‘HELLO’ GSRP. Hopefully you will address these issues come 2017 and restore our paddy fields back to the GOA’S COMUNIDADES they belonged to.’

‘HELLO’ BHAUSAIB BANDODKAR” Hope you are turning in your grave.

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