For whom are the beach toilets?

August 26, 2017
Joao Barros Pereira
Joao Barros Pereira

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  Tourism Minister Azgonkar announced recently he will build toilets on all the beaches frequented by tourists in Goa. It is good news indeed.

Although most beach shacks have toilets there is some ambiguity : are the toilets for the customers and the shack employees or customers only? What happens to the employees when owners of restaurants do not allow employees to use the toilets?

I have observed that when seasonal beach shacks are located in busy and populated areas it appears the toilets attached to the shacks are used by both customers and employees. But when the shacks are in a less populated area, private properties and fields are often used for what is an obligatory human function.

The government has to install two temporary toilets per seasonal beach shack, one for customers, and another for employees and others who visit the beaches. And, the toilets should be in place prior to the start of the tourist season. The Tourism Minister has said wisely he will execute the plan for setting up toilets after working closely with sarpanches and MLAs.

Women who visit beaches in Goa suffer the most as they have to change their clothes in the open. They often make the mistake of doing so behind bushes which are unfortunately circled with a variety of cakes not found in pastry shops in Goa. We certainly need to treat our women with a greater consideration and respect than we have for our cows.

Tourism Minister Azgonkar has thankfully also promised changing rooms for women. Please add toilets for the general public on all beaches in Goa. That will be some more good news.

What isn’t good news is the idea of banning Goans from entering gambling casinos. I consider the ban anti-national. I know the arguments for the protection of Goan families, and so on. What about non-Goans? Is Goa a separate country? Aren’t both Goans and non-Goans Indian citizens? How can we exploit our fellow Indians for the development of the state of Goa in this way? Disgraceful and shocking! Goenkarponn?

After Prime Minister Indira Gandhi lost the elections as a result of imposing a national emergency she said of herself how Indira Gandhi had become a tourist attraction. Not only was she a tourist attraction in Delhi but also a metaphor of national shame. The casinos in Goa are a tourist attraction already. Will they also become a metaphor of shame of Goa? They are proof of how this coalition government, and previous governments, lack necessary creative intelligence to build an economy without saying no to easy money! Will casinos, drugs, prostitution define Goenkarponn?

Show me how many cities in the world which attract large numbers of tourists, and have abundant natural resources, also have casinos? And, I’ll show you a brain dead government.

Goa! India’s Bangkok?

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