Corrupt voters choose corrupt leaders

December 4, 2016

ifaIFA SALDANHA  |  Goa being in a catastrophic situation and on the verge of annihilation the Goan electorate should exercise their franchise wisely and responsibly without falling prey to any extraneous factors as in the past. It is mandatory to unearth the credentials of the aspirants in the electoral fray who reflect leadership qualities which are of prime importance for the effective functioning of the legislative body, else we plunge into the abyss of despair unable to wriggle out.

Besides it can make a leeway for the scoundrels to enter the political arena which we Goans have been experiencing for the last fifty-five years shamelessly to groan and moan later that all politicians are corrupt.

Corrupt voters choose corrupt leaders.

It can be emphatically stated that till date the choice of candidates was made on frivolous grounds like hearsay or being attracted to a specific symbol or just a party name (not being aware of the candidate it represents) and then there are others who are influenced by caste, class, religion, celebrity status etc. which are irrelevant.

The youth get ensnared by being enticed by tie breakers, football tournaments, free talk time, cash, free meals etc. All these strategies are used by “good for nothing contestants” who are devoid of inherent potential.

This is very revealing in the case of Zila Panchayat leaders, MLAs and other government functionaries who are in the fray for 2017 elections distributing ill-gotten wealth from commissions and other dubious sources.

They have done nothing to free the electorate from major problems like sewage, garbage, domestic supply of water, electricity etc but now enticing the aggrieved with freebies. All the above people should not be given a second chance but the electorate should focus on potential leaders who possess vision and can feel the pulse of the society and accordingly frame policies with proper planning based on equity and justice.

A good leader should have administrative skills and zeal to make the state economically viable so that so that he or she can provide the required food security, health, education and sanitation facilities which are basic for our advancement.

Leaders should have activism in their veins to confront the corrupt forces who are out to loot our state. It was precisely because of daring leaders like Ram Mohan Roy, Tristao Braganca Cunha and others that Goa could be liberated.

Today we require leaders to liberate us from these satanic politicians who are devastating our environment with short-sighted projects.

It is agonizing to witness the fertile cultivable fields at Agacaim-Nuvem-Navelim being bulldozed to make way for roads of destruction to facilitate the Big Bosses to carry on their devious activities resulting into death knell of our poor farmers.

It is pertinent to ask all those aspirants who come at our doors to beg for votes whether they ever raised their voices against those controversial issues like MOPA, Marina, IT Park, dredging of river by MPT, expansion of Port at Betul, illegal sale of drugs etc. which is going to be a life time disaster.

If not, then the doors should be slammed against them for they do not deserve to be our leaders.

Hoping that at 2017 elections, Goans will take a historical decision by choosing only those leaders who can save Goa for posterity.

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