An awareness course on Goan heritage from KG to PG

August 26, 2015

The Education Department could make education more enjoyable with a Goa Awareness Course. Three decades ago, Goans had everything but very little disposable income. Today Goans have nothing and a lot of disposable income. This is not good. Our ancestors built up a quality of life which was the envy of all but we have destroyed it in less than 20 years.

 Subjects that must be brought in the knowledge domain for students from kindergarten to post-graduation:

  •         Goan Architecture
  •         Goan Art
  •         Goan Music
  •         Goan Drama
  •         Goan Folklore
  •         Goan Poetry
  •         Goan Literature
  •         Goan Idioms
  •         Goan Brewing (urak, feni)
  •         Goan Cuisine
  •         Goan History
  •         Goan Mathematics (learn tables in Konkani good grounding in Math)
  •         Goan Agriculture and gaunkari system
  •         Goan Uniform Civil Code
  •         Goan Health and traditional medicines

Audio-Visual information has to be collected from specialists in each field. Voice over must be in Konkani and English, maybe Marathi and Hindi too, depending on the medium of instruction in the school.

Age appropriate modules must be made for students from KG to Post Graduation. It should be backed up with field trips to get a hands-on knowledge of Goa’s rich heritage and traditions.

There should be no tests or examinations in this Goa Course. There must be discussion though, after the video has been aired. This will engage intellectual debate from childhood. The course must encourage knowledge, awareness and a pride in what we have inherited.

Doctoral theses can also be encouraged in these fields.

 Teach Konkani in schools through tiatr – also raise awareness on social issues which is the need of the hour today.

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