A few easy-to-answer questions for BJP and their supporters

February 3, 2017

c diasD C DIAS  |  Now is the time to tell those THAT LISTEN TO THEM to go to Leading Hotels and Vani Agro and Miners for votes.

Who allowed bouncers to protect illegal activities in Tiracol?

Who said they will file FIR against those protesting against the DefExpo?

Who tried to pass off Fr Bismarque as an accidental death due to drowning?

Who passed an Ordinance granted assent to the Goa Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015, paving way for eco or agro-friendly projects/resorts in green zones around sanctuaries and national parks?

On 21/11/2015 which government used brute force against the people who came to Panjim to ask for justice for Fr.Bismarque?

Which government’s police could not handle rampaging Nigerians but used brute for on its own citizens who demanded justice for Fr. Bismarque?

The brother-in –law of which CM was caught taking a bribe?

MLAs of which party wanted to inquire into the funds of Goa Foundation and cover up the non-recovery of Rs 35000 crore due to illegal mining?

Who said Coconut is no longer a tree and thus allowed the builders to have a free hand it chopping down Goa, just because they wanted to help a liquor manufacturer who wanted to set up his factory in a coconut grove?.

Who opened eco zones to developers?

Who said COCONUT tree should not be a THEME for Carnival?

Who called Peacock and Gaur Vermin?

Who said Goans only fit to sell ice-cream at Defexpo?

Who fooled Goans on Special Status?

Which government forced anti-people decisions like DefExpo, Vani Agro Beer and Leading Hotels?

Who said this was a helpless government and cannot deal with drugs?

Which CM’s brother-in-law was caught taking a bribe of Rs1,00.000/-?

Which CM threatened his own electorate regarding MOBLE TOWERS and said he would “ we will remove our weapon” ?

Which government built pothole free roads for BRICS but did not care for its citizens?

Who said Zuari Bridge is Goa’s Special status?

Guys, do you want a government that will turn off the water supply so that you are compelled to approach them? Then turn it on as if they are doing you a favour?  Water is your right and a basic necessity if you do not get it there has been NO DEVELOPMENT

Which party threatens its own citizens?

Which party treats you like a moron?

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