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Goa, Lisbon, Zurich
June 13, 2014

RAJAN PARRIKAR  |  The euphoria following Narendra Modi’s emphatic victory has subsided but not before revealing once again a couple… Read Full Article

The Clown and the Con-man
March 31, 2014

RAJAN PARRIKAR  |  I have been thinking about the two men who have inserted themselves into the news these days:… Read Full Article

Manohar Parrikar’s government has failed Goa
January 27, 2014

RAJAN PARRIKAR |  The return of Manohar Parrikar to power in March 2012 was greeted with overwhelming relief and widespread… Read Full Article

Panjim – dream city or the coming nightmare?
January 24, 2013

RAJAN PARRIKAR  | We have just seen the blurb declaring that Panjim is going to be turned into a dream city… Read Full Article