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A tipping point in Pakistan
July 2, 2016

M J AKBAR  |  Given the track record, and growing influence of regressive conservatives in Pakistan, this news item was… Read Full Article

It’s a question of when, not whether on NSG
June 26, 2016

M J AKBAR  | A significant change has taken place in our quest to become a participant in the Nuclear… Read Full Article

Muhammad Ali
June 11, 2016

M J AKBAR  |  Can a boxer be a Gandhian? Howard Bingham, a friend of Muhammad Ali, asked the greatest… Read Full Article

A Jogi in search of Nirvana
June 4, 2016

M J AKBAR  |  It is not difficult to define success in electoral politics; it is measured by objectives. There… Read Full Article

The power of regret
May 28, 2016

M J AKBAR  |  Cuba. Vietnam. Hiroshima. Is Barack Obama trying to tell us something? I think yes.  In the… Read Full Article

From once to once-too-often
May 21, 2016

M J AKBAR  |  It has been well established, since the beginning of human conflict, that success has a thousand… Read Full Article

BYLINE – How can an Italian court murder Indian democracy?
May 7, 2016

M J AKBAR  |  The ancients knew their metaphors. They classified the state of a human mind into four categories,… Read Full Article

An Essay on Macbeth
May 6, 2016

M J AKBAR |  I became entranced with Macbeth on a warm summer evening in 1967, when the rest of… Read Full Article

Non reply doesn’t make Agusta a non issue 
May 1, 2016

There is a term in government parlance called non-paper, basically designed to cover grey space, to suggest a position without… Read Full Article

BYLINE – The Pope talks to Europe
April 23, 2016

M J AKBAR  |  Real stories so often get lost in the news; and news itself becomes a passing banner… Read Full Article