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The Baby in the Political Bathwater
March 13, 2017

KENELM SANTANA LOPES | Some of us have been furious over what happened yesterday. Post elections, a small political party… Read Full Article

Real Goa culture can rival the best in the world, and the Tourism Dept completely missed out on it
February 28, 2017

KENELM SANTANA LOPES  |  There is much said about saving Goa. No one seems to have a clue as to… Read Full Article

Saving Salu is not easy, so vote wisely
February 3, 2017

KENELM SANTANA LOPES  |  After dropping my wife to school, I stop at the Panjim market to pick up fresh… Read Full Article

Back to our roots ….
January 19, 2017

KENELM SANTANA LOPES  | A few days ago, we had a few friends over a dinner. Circumstances have recently given… Read Full Article

Circle of tradition, circle of life and the Fama of Menino Jesus at Colva
October 17, 2016

KENELM SANTANA LOPES | This morning we attended the Fama of Menino Jesus at Colva. But this year, we were… Read Full Article

Give migrants work permits and temporary housing, after that, let them rent or buy – no free housing or land
September 14, 2016

KENELM SANTANA LOPES  | The thing about migration is that everybody wants to migrate but no one wants to be… Read Full Article