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Going coconuts over the coconut tree
March 18, 2017

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  | Help me if you can. I read yesterday that the newly-formed BJP government is going to… Read Full Article

Making Goa comfortable Is making Goans uncomfortable
March 10, 2017

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  Prime Minister Modi is widely accepted as an iconic politician on a global level and is… Read Full Article

One for the road?
February 18, 2017

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  Who in his right mind will object to not reviewing licenses of bars  and restaurants located… Read Full Article

My country, the world
February 2, 2017

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  The recent proposals of President Trump’s of building a wall along the Mexico border and the… Read Full Article

Thought control taught control?
January 28, 2017

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  Some protagonists of MOI claim students should not be compelled to study in a foreign language but… Read Full Article

Political ball in voter’s court
January 22, 2017

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  | Over the years political pundits have emphasized the importance of not only being corruption free but… Read Full Article

Flaunt it if you have it!
January 14, 2017

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  Several movies stars in the history of Hollywood have flaunted it – Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield,… Read Full Article

Some fish? No, thank you!
December 28, 2016

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  Dr Ambedkar had a vision for reservations of the backward castes because discrimination was institutionalized and an… Read Full Article

Our universe, even demonetiation is doomed to progress
December 2, 2016

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA|  Without reading too much into it, the Prime Minister’s knock out punch of demonetization which floored a billion… Read Full Article

King For A Day!
November 19, 2016

JOAO BARROS PEREIRA  |  In every literary tradition there are stories inspired by wishful thinking when a man, woman or… Read Full Article